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You’ve probably heard songs written By E.O.D. recorded and preformed by other artists…  E.O.D. ( Edward Meise nick name give by friends long ago ; Ed of DeMize Hence E.O.D.) grew up in New York, mostly on Long Island(from Brooklyn out to the points-Orient & Montauk) played Violin as a kid & dabbled with my Martin accoustic.I got my 1st electric (memphis)at the age of 15 yrs old.I used “the Heavy Guitar Bible”to learn how to play.I also did a little internship for a few months at “Sweet Mountain Recording Studios” owned by the “Sugar Hill” record label as an assistant engineer.  1st band   was “HeatSeeker” an AC/DC cover band.There was a short lived stint playing bass with “Saliva”(probably not the same band your thinking of)doing “Metalica” covers. Then “United Nations” which was half covers & half originals.Then a few original projects “Sleepers Wake”,”J.D. & The Groovy Juvies”‘”Harveys Drool”,”Mad Hatter” & I’m sure theirs more…Moved to Atlantic City New Jersey & Ashville North Carolina For A While, then back to New York. On Dec 4th 1999  got into a motorcycle accident. Crushed my right tib,fib & ankle and was laid up for the better part of the year. Got plenty of practice & during the later part of the summer of 2000  made some appearances with George Lightning & his band doing cover tunes with a cast on  leg.During that fall moved to South Florida & awaited my settlement check. Made a make shift recording stuidio useing & old Stereo ,1967 Maginivox home entertainment center,Fostex 4 track recorder,a drum machine found in the garbage & microphones  made out of a telephone & the speaker from the drum machine. Thats How “Sorceror’s Delight – EOD was recorded.After recieveing that settlement check from the accident I went & bought some equipment(Sony Vaio Digital Studio,Magix6 Delux 48 track program,a small p.a. system,Marshall half stack,Ludwig drum set,microphones,stands,etc…). At a rented a warehouse E.O.D.  Fej(Jeff Kieser)  played drums (payed him with that Ludwig set & he did some vocals & keyboards aswell) & we recorded the albumn “EviL Geniuses – Songs for Hire”. After that  2 more solo albumns “EOD – Beyond EviL” & “EOD – Suicide Notes & Love Letters” all tracks played by E.O.D, .  spent 5 yrs playing with “Wake the Neighbors”and “Stewd”  doing open jams in the Fort Lauderdale area of south Florida. Now in the New Orleans area considering musicians for my next project. 2019 released my 5th solo album”E.O.D.’s Rock N Roll Masterpiece Poetry in Motion. Made appearances with the cover band “Total Package” in the south east Louisiana area as well as with is “Dead Men of Dunharrow”  currently recording


Single from the upcoming Album “Borrowed Time” this spring

C’est lavie
E.O.D’S Rock – N – Roll Master Piece Poetry in Motion

E.O.D’s EviL Geniuses/$ongs for Hire

E.O.D.’s EviL Geniuses/$ongs for Hire
E.O.D.-Suicide Notes & Luv Letters

E.O.D.’s Rock N Roll Masterpiece Poetry In Motion

EOD-Beyond EviL

Sorceror’s Delight – E.O.D.

E.O.D. on

Dead Men of Dunharrow (With E.O.D.)

JD and the Groovy Juvies basement 2 track single mic recordings mid 90’s

Sleepers Wake With E.O.D. 1996



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