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Sequins. Cowboy boots. Tattoos. Dog tags. Duality. All in stereo.
Miracles and mistakes created a longing desire for life within life; such are the roots of the Guru of Nonsense, Dusty Good.

A desire to learn every style of music, from the records of the Allman Brothers, Elton John, Merle Haggard, Pink Floyd, Blaze Foley, and countless others, to the musings of the musicians surrounding him in Appalachia, Detroit,  Nashville, New York, and Memphis, Dusty learned the thread that wove through all great music: Honesty.

Ballads to heartbreak, celebration to self-destruction, awakening to mourning, Dusty’s music speaks to the listener through their own interpretation.

Raw. Real. Relentless. A melting pot of genres and emotions, Dusty’s music provokes, dances, comforts, and cuts to the core of the audience.

In every song, from good-time anthems to odes of defeat, a cautionary hopefull emerges.

Called Americana, blues, country, roots, and modern troubadour stories, it is Dusty Good Music.


“Miracles and Mistakes”
“Guru of Nonsense”

Dusty Good Music

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