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FoxandthePound started up around the summer of 2010.  Our band consists of a pair of brothers, Drew and Clay Stravers, Derek Fox, and the manager, Derek Ambroson.  We started the band because we all had musical talent and enjoyed playing songs together, generally basing our playing off of the Foo Fighters and Blink 182.  Because we base our music off of those bands, we play generally all alternative/rock music and enjoy playing it wherever we can.  Derek Fox is a sophomore in college and has played the guitar since his freshman year of high school.  The band name originates from his last name and was well adopted by the rest of the band.  He is the lead guitarist for the band.  Drew Stravers is a senior in high school at 17 years old.  He plays a total of 11 instruments, including the guitar and bass.  He is the rhythm guitarist and vocalist for FoxandthePound. Clay Stravers is 14 years old and focuses on the drums.  He has been playing for 3 years and works hard at becoming better every day he plays.  He is only a freshman in high school, but has potential to be great.  
We, as a band, have aspirations to be in the music industry and become famous, and if not all of us, at least one of us.  Our original inspiration to become musicians, sadly, started with Guitar Hero.  Drew and Clay were both in the top 100 in the world and loved playing.  Clay was asked to be a part of Team Cena, a project to find some of the best Rock Band/Guitar Hero players.  After a few years of playing, Drew, Clay, and Derek all decided it was time to move onto something bigger and better, and well, realistic.   That’s where we are today.  All of us want to make careers out of music if we are given the chance, and want to introduce our music to the world.
We are currently producing a new CD filled with a few originals as well as band covers.  We plan to release the CD as soon as we orchestrate a few more original songs.  Currently, we are looking for the recognition to show off our music and once given that opportunity, we will make the most of it.

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