Greeley, Colorado


Laylow Witit started wrighting Music at the age of 9 yrs old, Influenced by Artist like Sublime, Tech nine , Wu-tang, The Game 2pac and the Rock band Nirvana. When he was the age of 11 Laylow and a few friends would perform Regulators at the local Stores for change which only make him even hungrier to go and invest in his craft. At age 22 he had a fleet of Audio equipment where he would work day and night with local artist and study his craft until he got in a severe accident leaving him on life support in a coma for 25 days only to awake paralyzed for 3 yrs and his dreams shatter. Since then Laylow has redeemed himself when he went to KMGLife to become a Music producer, purchasing a bigger studio and starting 8up Music and now has an Arsenal of hard hitters Like Boss, YOYO, And Fux wit me and a driven team including members Jmac and Savyungg. you can find 8up’s Music at 8upmusic.com


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