Darryal Nickson, also known as “B.A.D” represents his music perfectly with style and swagger to back up any claims made to the fullest. The first mixtape, “I Am Music Vol. 1”, is the riveting introduction showcasing the talents of an already locally established artist with great features, allowing the listeners to see that B.A.D is music, and music is B.A.D from top to bottom. Seeming like a new artist fresh on the scene, B.A.D has a musical style that is as unique as it is completely versatile to bring a refreshing feeling to the listeners.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, B.A.D not only sang in the church choir, but also the school choir as well as doing talent shows, music has been a focal point from the start. Having moved to Killeen, Texas at the age of fourteen, B.A.D started to carve out his notch in the music he wanted to do. Moving from not only doing music, but creating beats also, the talent shown was one of a true lyricist. B.A.D Explains, “Music has always been a part of me, I started at the age of seven with singing and doing talent shows, I knew this is what I wanted to do and have been chasing my dream ever since.”.

Writing and listening to many diverse styles of music gave him perspective on where he fits in and excelled at. “I was born, and lived in Missouri for a few years, but Texas is where I found my voice and was raised, so my style is influenced heavily by Texas legends and vocal styling.” B.A.D tells, “I can’t really pin point one rapper, or singer that made me want to make music because there is a lot of talent out there, and a star is born every day. I was born in the 80’s so I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, and many other artist of that time.”.

“Many of my friends I grew up with in Killeen pushed me to continue with making my music. Cooly, Lil Dubbie, Eddie Mo, Powda P and myself, we all come together creating Arrow Down Records, The Arrow points down, you get Texas, we are all from Texas or grew up in Texas so that is what we went with.”B.A.D explains, “I use to go by another name, Lil C, I was in my wild days back then, but as I got older I changed it, I felt that I needed something more catchy so the crowd would remember me, and me being a big fan of Michael Jackson one day I was listening to his “Bad” record and it was like a light bulb going off in my head, I said I’m going to be called B.A.D, taking from Michael Jackson’s influence as well as going off a nickname my friends called me, Black Ass Darryal, but it worked.

As he grew in his craft wanting to perfect his music, B.A.D continued writing and creating, doing a few shows at the local venues and working on a huge variety of heard, and unheard tracks before putting out his first fully released mixtape “I Am Music Vol. 1”. Being someone with such a love for music, while doing the first, he also started working on tracks for his two upcoming mixtapes, “I Am Music Vol.2 & 3”. Not wanting to stay stuck in a box, B.A.D does music that talks about more than riding around with a gun, or selling drugs, he talks about so much more to stay away from the “norm” of rap, he works with a mindset of 5 subjects that he believes makes him relevant, 1) His story, 2) Problems going on in the world, 3) Songs that his females listeners can groove to, 4) Something you can have fun listening to in the club, and 5) Life of the streets. With these five subjects he feels that no one can deny his talent with keeping consistent.

B.A.D is currently working on his two new mixtapes, and doing shows in hopes of going on a Texas wide tour in the near future. He is doing his music precisely the way he has always wanted, creating a full array of music for his fans, as well as the new listeners so they can see where he has come and where he is going. B.A.D says, “I may not be the best as of yet, but I am far from the worse and honing my skills to be the musician I know I am destined to be.”, one thing that is sure to grant him notoriety is the work ethic, and mind set of being true to self and doing what you love, not forgetting to mention the depth and quality of his music. It’s B.A.D!


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