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Damien Hernandez







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“  Wildfire I found this song to be one of the best I’ve heard on here so far. I like the buildup at the beginning, where it has the male vocals laughing, leading up to the first verse. The song kept getting better over time, and kept me listening. I was getting a little used to the song, but when the female vocals started singing, it had me. Her voice went great with the instrumentals, and was a very lovely sound together. I think the only thing that would make this track even better than how it is, is probably incorporate the guy’s vocals in it more. Usually on reviewing songs, I would listen to 3/4 of the song, and not quite the full song. However, on this track, I found myself listening to the whole thing, I couldn’t get enough. I wouldn’t mind listening to it over and over again.”

Virginia leal – Couldn't get enough

“  As this song starts it has a very good instrumental. I think that this song has very good background music because it combines a lot of beats and makes a very good one. As this song continues it has very good vocals because it contains of a male and a female and the harmony between them is very strong.”

Rebecca Bella – Good male and female harmony

“This song seems pretty good! It seems to have to good flow. The rapping is great. The background music is sounds great. This sounds like one of those songs you can get together with friends and hangout and listen to. Or hop in the car with friends and cruse listening to it with.”

Ronald miller – Wildfire is a good road trip or cruising song

“  I really enjoy the intro to this song, I think it is very crisp and does a great job at grabbing the attention of the audience. The vocals are clear and smooth. I think the beat and the vocals to this song compliment each other very well.”

Steven gonzales – great at grabbing the attention of the audience

“Wow great vocals, and great instrumentals right away! The lyrics are great and so is the production. I really love this. I like how you talk about real life occurrences. The girl vocals in the background are great to. I think you should change the beat a little.”

Tina Johnson – Wildfire is sexy and soulful

“  I liked this song because i like rap music. The instrumental was great, when i freestyle im gonna have to use this beat! It is super nice and chill with a good flow. but in the end the rhyms he said were perfect i loved this! GREAT SONG!!!”

Evan smith – great song

“Wildfire is a laid back beat is very chill and enjoyable. The song is all about not loving women because it’s obviously not cool to love women right? I really enjoyed the singer and the female raps though. That made up for the lack of passion from the beginning. She definitely has a good voice and musical ability. Overall the track was a good production and the female vocals increased the track’s vibe.”

Linda fernandez – laid back chill and enjoyable

“This song has a clear catchy beat to it, and his raps are easy to understand. Some raps have really complicated instrumentals and voice effects going on, but this song makes it sound simple and to the point. This artist produces his rap with great effort, and I can this artist being liked by many other people as well! ”

Darlene houston – easy to understand

“  I felt like thsee were songs from grand theft auto that I constantly listen to, lol. But when it got into the song, I ended up rapping with the song. Definitely gonna give a 10 rating. Vocals and music are on point. I’d recommend this to someone.”


“Ooo la la! I love the beat foR wildfire defiantly caught my attention, the female vocal piece is great as well; very nice bass beat! The ending transition is also very smooth and flowing.”

Jessica hillard – ooh lala!

“I like the instrumental parts of the songs, is a plus side of this songs,The themes of your songs are not a very good way to live and could be a bad influence to children. Over all good raps nice beats Def finely parental guidance suggested”

David shin – great songs parental advisory

“  I like the beat of this song wildfire t is nice and smooth, The vocals also flow quite nicely with the instrumental. The artist put the track together nicely even the background vocals sound great. I feel that this song would do good in the general public.”

James maynes – would do good in general public

“I like the unique and futuristic sounding instrumentals on this song “wildfire” I think the singer’s voice sounds good and the lyrics go well with the instrumentals of the song. I don’t really understand all of the lyrics but I still enjoyed listening to the song. I like the female vocals in the song as well. ”

Lisa love – unique and futuristic

“Wildfire is my favorite its an acoustic electronic sound at the beginning which creates the beat that sticks through the whole thing allowing it to have a party beat since it is allowing to include parts. This also allows for people to just have a good time and just party. ”

Maria garcia – Good time party music

“This song “Wildfire” s steeping emotion, and is very poetic sounding. The background vocals are very captivating, seductive, and amazing to hear. The girl is really good at rapping. Nothing about this is boring. I like that the lyrics aren’t patronizing to women. The instruments are very light because it’s mainly about the vocals.”

Jenny mcdonald – captivating and seductive

“Love how his songs sound. Great instruments and great vocals. I love how they combine in such a soothing way and make up a great product. Would love to hear more from these people. Amazing in every aspect. Keep it up guys! Go big or go home!”

Gina black – Love the sounds


Artist Interview: Mad Beezy, February 28, 2017

Artist Interview: Mad Beezy, February 28, 2017