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Team Only


Hip Hop, Instrumental, RnB


Los Angeles, California, United States



We are ” TEAM ONLY ” (JuneDa1st x YNOT) two Dj’s/Producers from Los Angeles.

Destined Since Birth.

– Nothing Was Given EP
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We are ” Team Only “(JuneDa1st & YNOT) two Dj’s/Producers from Los Angeles,Ca. Growing up in Lynwood, Ca was not an easy up-bringing, but music was our gateway. 2011 was our year where we really stepped out and started taking the initiative to start doing things ourselves. Both of us as early as 14 & 15 years old started Dj’ing at little house party’s around cities like Compton, SouthGate, Paramount, etc. Could you imagine us, as young as we where Djing in backyards, Crowds reaching from 50-100 people from ages 16-25 people smoking, drinking, fights going off occasionally, cops raiding every now & then. It was hectic at times but fun overall. People Formally knew us as “HumanLoud” back then. Probably some of our best child hood memory’s to look back on to be honest. Djing each weekend pushed us to want to create our own music. Honestly, after seeing what the music we where Djing where doing to the people, we wanted people to feel that same reaction from our music. By the end of 2011 we locked in are parents houses & started producing & never looked backed since. From Electronic synthesizers and House flips to 808 trunk shakers and Hip Hop Boom Bap, we where striving each day to search for are sound. We even got Guitar/Drum Lessons from one of our close friends who actually was really close neighbors with us at the time(Side note he ended up becoming our band teacher later on in high school 11th & 12th grade).That gave us a leverage on not just being in front of a computer all day but playing instruments in our pass time & incorporating that into are music as well. Releasing our singles & mixes through SoundCloud in its early years of it originating allowed us to really shape our sound & develop a following. We found a lot of different artist across the world so that allowed us to reach out & share songs & really feel connected. After graduating high school in 2015 JuneDa1st went to school for Audio Engineering in Los Angeles at Recording Connections Institute. Balancing school with our own production was a real fun learning experience. We learned a lot about the recording aspect as a whole other than just a mic & a person speaking into it. After getting his certification from there, the Beginning of 2016 we started working with more recording artist allowing us to work more on our mixing & mastering. Started our own independent label “Destined Since Birth” the beginning of 2017 and Changed our name to ” Team Only “. By July 2017  we released our debut EP “Nothing Was Given” on Itunes, Spotify,Tidal, & all streaming services, to say the least everything’s been really looking up & we have no plan on ever slowing up. We coming. Been destined for this since an early age.


– Nothing Was Given EP

– Due Time E.P





Beat Showcase Coming up in LA

[@istandard] LA Producer Show Presented by @nativeinstruments & Powered by @createdigmanpubis NOW booking for 9/12/17 at @losglobos [3040 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026].