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Cheryl Boutz is a Songwriter, Alternative/Rock Artist, and a Poze Productions VIP Artist, one out of one thousand people chosen for this position in May, 2012. She has been featured on Poze Radio Saturday Night weekly rotation, also featured in Poze Magazine (October 2012, April 2013 and in the 2013 Fall edition). As a continuing VIP Artist of Poze productions, her music has been reviewed on a regular basis by Record Label Executives and Publishing Companies. As a result, Cheryl was offered a record deal with Tate Music Group – a major record label in Oklahoma City, September, 2013.

Since childhood, Cheryl has always loved music. Therefore, she has sung and written songs. Instead of a diary like most girls, she has expressed words and feelings on paper in song. Expressing herself this way has given her fulfillment and inner peace. On September 2011, she began writing and recording her first album “Evolution.” “Evolution” is a 14 track album including a cover of the hit song, “One Of Us” and was released May 7, 2013.

“Cheryl’s album is a refreshing return to super songwriting with melodic hooks and meaningful lyrics delivered with honesty and integrity.” (The Akademia July, 2013)

As a child, Cheryl’s Grandmother always felt she had a very special talent and wished Cheryl could pursue singing and songwriting. Many times, Grandma asked for recordings of her singing, but Cheryl’s family didn’t have the money for her to pursue a singing career. From the beginning of her first marriage, Cheryl’s husband has always supported and encouraged her to pursue music. In a previous relationship, Cheryl lived a devastating and painful life. Living with scars as a domestic abuse survivor, encouraged Cheryl to write “Turn To Blue” and “My Survival.” As a matter of fact, all of her music is about her life and truth. Cheryl writes about what’s in her heart and finds a joy to create music that touches the heart and soul. After listening to her songs, one will feel that Cheryl is expressing someone else’s feelings. She seems to find the right words for that moment and time. Its Cheryl’s passion to create music wrapped around and filled with personal meaning for both her and others.

She describes her music as soothing, invoking a relaxed feeling of calm while expressing a personal message. Each song is a unique mix of alternative/rock & pop with a country vibe allowing her to express an abundant, creative & imaginative nature. Loving it so much, Cheryl puts an abundance of guitar in her music.

Since “Evolution’s” independant release on May 7th, 2013, it has won two best album awards @ the Akademia and @ The Xpozing Music Awards. “Midnight Moon,” was featured in the Arkansas top 10 at BroadJam, and won @ The Akademia Music Awards for Best Song, Singer/Songwriter in June 2013. Cheryl was a May, 2013 Nominee for Best Pop Song, “Watching The Time Pass By, among four other nominations over the past three months. “Breathless” won Best Song @ The Xposing Music Awards in August, 2013. To Date, “Evolution” won Best Album in the Alternative Genre @ The Xpozing Music Awards in October. The official release of “Evolution” with TMG, (Tate Music Group/Tate Publishing,) is scheduled for Spring of 2014.

For Cheryl, “Evolution” has been a life time dream creating a breath taking blessing as it has evolved into life changing reality.

All songs were written by Cheryl Boutz, and produced by Steve Moody and Stephen Shatzer @ House Of Melody Studios, in Sherwood Arkansas.

The Following is a detailed list of the awards so far sense the official release of “Evolution” May 7th, 2013.

The X-Pozing Music Awards – June 12, 2014 “Born To Perform” – Event Nominations:
Album: “Evolution” Singer/Songwriter
Album: “Evolution” Alternative
Song” “Breathless” Alternative
Aong: “Rock The Night” Alternative
Song: “Baby Don’t Go” Alternative
Song: “Breathless” Alternative
Song: “My Survival” Rock
Song: “Turn To Blue” Rock
Song: “Nobody But Me” Alternative
Song: “Turn To Blue” Alternative
(Event Nominees Page: )

May 15, 2013: The Akademia Music Awards: Nominee for Best Pop Song, “Watching The Time Pass By” (Check the awards archive
June 15, 2012: “Midnight Moon” Winner @ The Akademia Music Awards for Best Song, Singer/Songwriter Award
June 15, 2013:
Nominee for Best Alternative/Rock Song “Breathless”
Nominee for Best Pop Song “Leave The World Behind”
Nominee for Best Cover Song “One Of Us”
June 31, 2013, Xposing Music Awards, Best Album, Singer/Songwriter
August 7, 2013, “Rock The Night” Nominee for Best Song, Alternative, @ The Xpozing Music Awards
February 2014: Nominee for the following: X-Pozing Music Awards:
Best Song, “Baby Don’t Go” In Alternative
Best Song: “My Survival” And “Turn To Blue” in Rock
April 2014: The X-Pozing Music Awards: Nominee for the following:
Best Song: “Nobody But Me” Alternative
Best Song: “Turn To Blue” Alternative

June 15, 2012: “Midnight Moon” Winner @ The Akademia Music Awards for Best Song, Singer/Songwriter Award
June 15, 2013: The X-Pozing Music Awards: winner of Best Album, “Evolution” Singer/Songwriter
July 15, 2013, The Akademia Music Awards,winner of best Album, Singer/Songwriter

Augst 27, 2013, “Breathless” Winner of Best Song in Alternative @ The Xpozing Music Awards
October 2013: The X-Pozing Music Awards: Best Album, “Evolution,” Alternative
February 2014: The X-Pozing Music Awards: Best Song, “Watching The Time Pass By” Pop

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