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Brad Turnham


Hip Hop, Rap, Rock


Van Nuys, California, Los Angeles


BRad From The Valley (san fernando)  aka RIZL is a Hip Hop artist with a Hard Rock sound. Living a life touch with tragedy with the murder of his step father and closest friend, BRad is fueled by faith and has joined the battle with a sword of love passion and truth. With a flare for live performance and a unique lyrical style BRadFRomTHeVAlley is a Rap Artist unlike the others. BRad is RIZL.



http://bradfromthevalley.com RIZL MIXTAPE

Lyric Sheet

When it’s ladies night your drinks on me, when I spill this shit your drinks on me.

Ladies in the place yes I adore you, do my best and I won’t ignore you.

Need a little pussy need a little cat drinking on this need to lean back.

Copy Don’y Copy

You’re gonna wanna drop me

In your lap don’t laugh

Cause I am hot coffee

Take a whack at the burning bush

Smack like I’m learning kush

Mac like I learn to push back.

And I wanna flush the toilet

Boil it

Down to an oil

Surround my crown with your royal.



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BRadFRomTheValley  is ready and available for bookings I am based in Van Nuys, Ca.

Brad Turnham

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