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Mark Konye



Mark Konye started his music career back in the year 2017 when he released his first album no water over blood. The album was released on 29th September 2017 and the music genre was hip hop/ rap. The album was recorded by 745799 records DK. His first Album had 12 tracks and one of his most successful single from the album was 5k. His first Album had the following


Mark Konye was born on 8th March 2001 in Niskyunia, New York and as of now (2019) Konye is 18 years old. Much about his educational background and where he attended school is not clear but some information points that he attended Shenendehowa High school. The star prefers keeping his life private and on his twitter and Instagram handles there is no much information about his personal life. Mark Konye is an American citizen by birth. He is known for his style of rap and a tweet he made about his mother and went viral.


His first Album had the following songs:

  • Syre freestyle.

  • Clout 9 which he featured King Konye.

  • Parental advisory, Pt 2.

  • Gang green nation.

  • He feature King Konye on another track, oh my goodness.

  • I am going viral.

  • Featured king Konye again on the track church.

  • Golden boy, Pt 1 which he featured king Konye again.

  • 5K which was one of the most successful single from the debut album.

  • 580 Center Rd, Pt. 1 featuring King Konye.

  • Find love.

 The album humble king was of hip hop/ rap genre just like his first album but this time the album was recorded at Konye recording Entertainment. The album was released in 29th August 2018 and it had the following songs.

  • Humble king (intro).

  • Clout chaserz.

  • Beautiful girls.

  • Money power and respect which he featured king Konye.

  • Amen which he featured king Konye.

  • Done with fakes.

  • Acoustic hearts an acoustic version.

  • Apollo.

  • Novacaine.

  • In love with my queen.

  • Juice dream.

  • Ball to the top.

  • Workin.

  • I don’t matter.

  • Cocky flow.

  • Ball to the top.

  • Blessing rain (outro) which he featured King Konye again.



Fact Sheet

Mark Konye was invited on good morning America together with his mum after a tweet he shared on twitter about his mum went viral. The tweet was “yesterday my mom completed her first 5k she’s been training since September, she was so nervous because she thought she couldn’t do it. She ended up being the last but everyone cheered for her at the finish line and she did such an amazing job. She is adorable.”

This tweet sparked a lot of love from the twitter fraternity and a lot of people were inspired by what a strong woman his mum was and what a good son Mark Konye was to his mum. Mark Konye took it to twitter to thank everybody who supported him after he was invited to Good morning America together with his mum. His mum is an inspiration to a lot of people across America and she is a one humble woman.