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Young actress, singer, scriptwriter, and songwriter Taylor Castro is best known for her acting roles in a series of killer-themed movies produced by Concord Films. Her most notable roles are Ayla in the Lifetime movie “Girlfriend Killer” (2017) and Abbey in “Marriage Killer.”  Her newest leading actress role is Mia Rodson, an up-and-coming singer learning to deal with fame in “Dream Killer,” set to release in 2019.

Taylor Castro released her debut album PURE on December 9th, 2018 featuring 11 original tracks written and co-written by her and some of the top talent in Miami’s music industry including Rudy Perez, Willy Perez-Feria, and Kyng David.  PURE include the hit singles “Be Strong” featured in the film “Boyfriend Killer” and “I Got You” featured in the film “Girlfriend Killer.” Her music is available for download on all major music streaming platforms.

Taylor Castro is also an accomplished screenwriter, currently working on a full-length screenplay with aspirations to be producer and star.


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