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Arpa D.


Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, World






ARPA D. (A.R.P.A.& D.)

is a songwriter and author of modern/pop music .After  graduating in piano at the  Giuseppe Verdi conservatory in Turin, he has deepened his musical studies in the field of contemporary music studying voice and modern acoustic guitar with the most important music and vocal teachers of Como and Milano. Up to 2005 he was singer with the group of Endebora ( performing in different places and locals in northern Italy and Switzerland. Numerous his trips between Italy and the United States as multiple are the collaborations with internationally renowned artists and the participation in music festivals and competitions. In 2009 his  first flight overseas, in Boston, where he recorded “Never caresses”, self-produced debut album under the guidance of Mike Reynold. In 2012 he returns to the United States, in New York, where will be released, for the  Guitars& Soul label, “All around us”, his second album which makes use of the participation of James di  Iorio, Max Grange and Henry Flamming. Is this the period where Arpa D. has done a lot of Pop, Blues, Rock, and Funky experience,  having the opportunity to perform in Massachusset in some prestigioius clubs and pub of live music. His music is deeply characterized by North American pop influences as evidenced by the main use of sounds of acoustic guitars and by the use of rhythms often sustained typical of Anglo-Saxon pop music. Come back to Italy, in 2014 he is engaged in a mini-tour of over 50 concerts in a year, held between Italy and Switzerland. From this experience in October 2014 the cd “Live in Swiss” will be released, an album recorded live that was not released but physically sold at every live concert held in pubs and live events. Again in USA, in 2017 the mini album “You and Me” will be produced by the independent label DrSound, in Boston, with considerable success from critics and audiences. The single “You and me” reach the top spot on the charts for the prestigious emerging music portal “Reverbnation ” in November 2018. The years 2019 and 2020 are the most prolific for the artist. Most of the songs of the new album have been composed in 2019. In the 2020, with the tragic event of the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, Arpa D. composes the singles “Tell me why- Covid-19 “and” We don’t care “. The first an introspective vision of this tragedy, the second an “antiwarsong” against all forms of racism, violence and intollerance. Arpa D.’s new album will be avaible on all digital stores on October 30th 2020. Actually Arpa D. lives on the lake of Como, performing with his music in mini concert and live music show in clubs and pub waiting for the end of the pandemic. The promotional tour of the new album “We don’t care”, scheduled for autumn 2020, has been postponed to summer / autumn 2021, at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic



“We don’t care” (2020)

“It’s Time for change” (2021)

“Tell me why – COVID19” (2020)

“My Lady” (2020)

” Tu non puoi “(2020)


Press Quotes


“KEEPING TRACK- It sounds really inspiring. I’d like it to be some explosive in instrumentals at some point, but I still love it. I’ll be glad to share it on our Instagram story as a song recommendation at some point”
– Keeping Track, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 15, 2020)

“RECENSIAMOMUSICA : E’ un buon pezzo pop-rock cantato con abilità e suonato con grazia sfruttando gli strumenti reali e non qualche plugin d’avanguardia. Di questo beneficia sicuramente la prova nel suo insieme che sicuramente si rifà ad un mondo musicale tipico dei primi anni ’00 ma che è bello tornare a riscoprire ed apprezzare. Grazie per averci contattato. Il tuo brano insieme a questa piccola recensione verrà condiviso nella nostra rubrica settimanale “Risponde Recensiamo”, online ogni sabato su”
– RECENSIAMOMUSICA, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 07, 2020)

“REVIEWMUSIC – 7 december 2020 It’s a good pop-rock tune sung with skill and played gracefully using real instruments and not some avant-garde plugins. This certainly benefits from the proof as a whole that certainly refers to a musical world typical of the early ’00s but which is nice to go back to rediscover and appreciate. Thanks for contacting us. Your song along with this small review will be shared in our weekly column “Responds to Review”, online every Saturday on”
– REVIEWMUSIC, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 07, 2020)

“BOULIMIQUE DE MUSIQUE – A rock song with a balance of acoustic and synthetic elements. The masculine vocal interpretation, imbued with a certain wisdom and serenity, balances skillful poetry that leads to reflection and concrete actions so that we can be vectors of positive change. Whether on a small scale on the environment or on a personal level, this title filled with positive vibrations inspires us to do better. Here are the playlist links:”
– Boulimique de Musique, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 13, 2020)

“FilZik Feedback · Hello, thank you for the great discovery ! We will be happy to share your music on our Facebook page. Marie-Hélène”
– FilZik, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 14, 2020)

“ROCKNBOLD (Natalia) – Thank you so much for sharing this amazing track! I really like the way she is positive and brings incredible vocals in the midst of the very shy, yet captivating instrumental, taken by the rhythm of acoustic guitars and powerful drums. It brings incredible harmony, it is very well orchestrated and performed, as well as musically very pleasant. Congratulations on the incredible work!”
– ROCKNBOLD (Natália), “It’s time for change” review (Dec 14, 2020)

“PILLAR ARTIST MUSIK RADAR – Thank you for sending me the song. I really like it – there are some great melodies and an uplifting atmosphere. I’d love to include it in one of my music roundup articles alongside two other artists: the review is usually punctual, and tends to reach a nice organic audience.”
– Pillar Artist – Music Radar, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 09, 2020)

“RADIO FMR (Betty) – On our radio we like rock n roll band, so you should send your music to our music programmer: [email protected]
– Betty (Radio FMR), “It’s time for change” review (Dec 07, 2020)

“INDIE COLTURE – ”It’s time for change” looks like a country rock track from the 90s. Its style is nice, warm, relaxing.”
– Indie Culture, It’s time for change” review (Dec 07, 2020)

“MEDIA RELATIONS FOX34 – Arpa D. is getting fans hyped for the upcoming release of his latest album. “We Don’t Care” is not just an album for fun, it is an album that brings out strong emotions for change. “We Don’t Care” features the emotional voice of Arpa D. singing lyrics about “peace, hope, anti-discrimination, non-violence, change, freedom, and justice.” The music’s powerful message is backed up by talented instrumentals. Arpa D. wants the album to encourage listeners to explore their world and make a positive change in it. The songs are an inspiration anthem to make the world a better place. “We Don’t Care” will be released on streaming platforms worldwide in November.”
– Media relations, Fox 34 (Oct 31, 2020)

“ARTIST PR – We don’t care – New album avaible on 10th Decembre”
– ArtistPr, Arpa D.’s New Album Promises An Emotional Journey (Nov 04, 2020)

“SOUND MAGAZINE – The first thing that cause my attention was the singer’s voice because it starts as a great surprise start of the song. I like how the ensemble of this song is created base on the singer’s voice followed by the beat of the guitar. Although the stringing of the guitar is very simple and repetitive throughout the song, the voice of the singer covers and makes it stand out even more.”
– Sound Magazine – “It’s time for change”

“MUSIC SOUND REVIEW – What a pleasant track, the vocals are outstanding and the vocalist is very talented. The tune is rocking with a great beat and feel good factor, I like the beat it really draws you in to the track. Bright and interesting track with an original element.”
– Music sound Reviews – “It’s time for change” (Dec 04, 2020)

“CROWD REVIEWS – This song starts off fast with vocals and easy listening melodies. The instrumentals are played well and keeps a balanced handling flowing through. The melodies create a relaxing performance and flows with incredible rhythms. The vocals are sung nicely and include plenty of touching passions. The singer has a soothing, melodic voice and keeps me listening.”
– Crowd reviews “It’s time to change” (Dec 03, 2020)

“RECORD RTD – The musical instruments and voice of this performance was professional. The lyrics were very easy to understand and speaks to the heart. I think this song would get a lot of air time on the radio.”
– RECORD RTD, “It’s time for change” review (Dec 01, 2020)

“D.M.G. MUSIC REVIEWS – Its a great alternative song. the melody and beat is surpurve and the dynamics of this song is awesome. I think the song tells a great story. the melody is catchy and i think people will love this.”
– D.M.G. MUSIC REVIEWS, reviews “It’s time to change” (Dec 07, 2020)

“RADIO FM STEREO – This song had a really upbeat sound to it. It was almost a California soft rock meets blue grass reggae. I haven’t heard a mix like this, it was very groovy. I think the singers voice had a unique sound to it as well. Although he sang higher (and hit the notes rather well) it sounded like he had potential to sing lower as well. The lyrics were very positive about love, too. This was a good song.”
– RADIO FM STEREO, reviews “It’s time for change” (Nov 26, 2020)

“POP&ROCK SONG REVIEWS – Shapely put together instruments with the vocalist. Very warm and appealing in confidence. Inspiring in lyrics and emotion. The vocalist had a very relaxing voice and kept you interested into the lyrics. Punchy and fun sounding song with a great message. Rhythmic sound through out the entire song. Was lacking some extra energy. But it had a very relaxing and soothing feel to it. Kind a soft rock sound to it. The artist accomplished what they were trying to get across”
– POP&ROCK SONG REVIEWS, reviews “You and me” (Dec 13, 2018)

“MUSIC PLAYER EDICTION – Alluring, graceful, and engaging definitely sums up the vocal of the artist. He have a good soothing voice that is befitting of the song. The melody is pleasing to the ear and goes well with this tone of voice. His lyrics are sweet and he do a good job expressing his emotions through his voice.”
– MUSIC PLAYER EDICTION, review “You and me” (Dec 17, 2018)

“DR SOUND MAGAZINE – This track is excellent! The different instruments combined create a dreamy sort of background. Everything is sin high quality, and the mixing is nothing shy of pristine. The singer-although enshrouded with an accent-pushes the limits of highs and lows. His voice fits the track really well. The message is lighthearted and uplifting. This song seriously has potential. All the instruments and lyrics add to create a beautiful song about finding love.”


“The first thing that cause my attention was the singer’s voice because it starts as a great surprise start of the song. I like how the ensemble of this song is created base on the singer’s voice followed by the beat of the guitar. Although the stringing of the guitar is very simple and repetitive throughout the song, the voice of the singer covers and makes it stand out even more.”
Sound Magazine – “It’s time to change”

“What a pleasant track, the vocals are outstanding and the vocalist is very talented. The tune is rocking with a great beat and feel good factor, I like the beat it really draws you in to the track. Bright and interesting track with an original element.”
Music sound Reviews – “It’s time to change”

Review of You and me” by taesean “Great music. Keep up the good work. I love the music. Its well produced. Great job.” New York, United States”
by “Taesean”

“Review of “My lady” by gabrielesaro 4.5 I like the intro and the voice so far; the melodic line of the voice is good, the verse is infact catchy and well arranged, the bridge is ok for a great refrain very melodic and catchy; well done, a good song! When a melody or something in the song keeps the mind of the listener , it is the most important thing, because he then say “i buy”; i feel your song, good luck and keep it up the good work”

Press Releases


“We Don’t Care” – on radio and digital the new song by Arpa D.

New single:
Arpa D.’s new single “We don’t Care” will be available digitally from October 15, 2020. The single anticipates the new album and
video that will be released for October 31st

The entire album was produced by the DrSound label and distributed by DistroKid Artist.
“… a song against all forms of violence, racism and intolerance .. an” antiwarsong “inspired by one of the greatest cinematographic monologues of all time taken from the film” The Great Dictator “by Charlie Chaplin … a speech to humanity that will remain forever in the heart of every human being ”
Davide Arpa, Mr. “Arpa D”, is a songwriter and author of pop / modern music., (, author of the albums “Not even caresses” (2009), “Live in Swiss” ( 2014), the collection “All Around Us” (2012), and the CDs “You and me” (2017) and “Tell me why” (2020).
Author Arpa D.
DrSound record label
Publishing D.r.S.
DistroKid distribution
Press office D.r.S.

Arpa D .: “We Don’t Care” is the new album in pre-order from October 15th on Spotify
Three years after the release of the single “You and Me”, Arpa D. is back with the new album “We Don’t Care” (DistroKit / DrSound).
The new album, which will be released in early November, was recorded at the “DrSound recording Studio” in Como, while the master of the disc was edited in the United States by Emastered Production in Burbank Los Angeles California who edited among his works Clinton Sparks-Tae Beast-Carlos Cid, Tommy Black and many more.
The album “We don’t Care” “will be available exclusively in pre-order on iTunes starting from October 15th, while on October 30th it will be available in all the best digital stores and will contain 8 unreleased tracks.
Leading the way to the new album was the single “It’s time to change” (DrSound / Soundcloud) remastered and re-released last May, the video of the song link available here:

The video clip of Arpa D. “We Don’t Care (Speech to humanity)” is online on YouTube
From 15/10/2020 it will be available on Arpa D’s YouTube channel “We Don’t Care (Speech to humanity)”, the launch track of the new album by singer-songwriter Davide Arpa (Arpa D.)

The videoclip, made with the collaboration of producer and director Mark Stuart, with an incisive and direct approach, celebrates the importance of the message of peace contained in Charlie Chaplin’s speech taken from the film “The great dictator”

Arpa D. describes his single as follows: “The words of Charlie Chaplin’s monologue taken from the film” The Great Dictator “have always struck me deeply, to the point that I wanted to create a pop composition that lent itself, with music and words, to a real enhancement of the message of peace, hope, anti-violence, freedom and anti discrimination of race, sex and religion contained in it. We thus wanted to create a tribute to one of the most famous cinematographic speeches of all time, to a hymn to universal peace and to an anti-discrimination cry that still today, unfortunately, seems to remain completely unheard ”