East Providence Rhode Island


Lee aka S K E is a very hungry lyrical artist born in south providence ri. youngest of six siblings.been writing lyrics all his life since he was 12 yrs. old.he just turned 50.he is a survivor of brain damage and child abuse.he is a survivor of addiction as well.fought his way thru hell and back 3 times so he is very strong,determined and battle tested.this is the reason he is going after what he desires so late in life.he is all about Positive thoughts surroundings and music.he will not be denied not after all he’s been thru.All he wants is to spread his flava all over the world.He is all about positive and uplifting sounds with 100% feel good vibes.


Born in South Providence Ri the youngest of 6 siblings.Went to Gilbert Stuart Middle School until i moved to Cranston Ri at the age of 12. I’ve been writing lyrics and rhyming since i was 12.Had a terrible childhood so i was mostly a loner didn’t tell anyone i was in my room so much because i was listening to the radio and then coming up with my own raps.I have busted my hump to get this far there is no one or nothing that will stop me. I may be older than most (50) but i have a style that no one else has.I have my own ling lang (rhyming language) my voice is my own it’s one of a kind.When or if i get my chance to be in the spotlight not only am i going to blaze n shine i’m going to get everybody to feel it and love it.1 2 Always with Respect


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