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Anthony M. Robinson , also known as Ant Rob Is a Hip Hop,R&B, NeoSoul Music Recording Artist, Stage Performer , Music Producer & Music Engineer. Ant Rob , Born in Wiesbaden, Germany was raised in Brentwood N.Y (Long Island). Anthony (AntRob) started his interest in performing and singing as young as 5 years old, singing in school, church and performing on stage at the Apollo Dancing For Bernice Johnson School of arts. In the 90’s , AntRob began to take heed to brake dancing Reggae Music & Hip Hop Culture . Inspired by acts such as , Run DMC , Nas , Michael Jackson, Bob Marley , Shai , Tupac Shakur  The Notorious B.I.G , Jay-z and The L.O.X.  One Day, Ant Rob was Talking To His Mother about what he was going through In school and his mother suggested he write everything he felt, in a Marble Notebook, through song.  Anthony’s Father( who is a Musician as well as his Mother.) taught Ant Rob  the basics of how to record a song. Ant Rob Eventually started booking professional studio time . His first Studio Single Was called “Real Things”.Ant Rob Recorded his first Mixtape Called “Praise Tyme”, a mix of encouraging, uplifting, Gospel Music and most recent recent Album “The Situation ” written and produced by Ant Rob. Ant Rob has performed on Stage for events such as, “The Charity Peace March” ” The Mad Davis Show” hosted Maria Davis & multiple Youth Conferences.  Currently, Ant Rob is working on his company brand and states , ” I have music I can’t wait to put out, believe that, everything in its own Time.”

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