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The Angie Haze Project


Akron, Ohio, United States


Singer–songwriter Angie Haze is a one-woman band. Bells around her ankles. A handmade tambourine shoe. Drums encircling her piano. A guitar, cowbell, melodica, and kazoo. This wildly skillful Italian-American entertainer sings and simultaneously plays multiple instruments

Haze often adds to her unique circus act a caravan of energetic vaudevillians who are some of Akron, Ohio’s most talented musicians.The Angie Haze Project’s memorable ensemble has featured upright bass, cello, violin, clarinet, flute, mandolin, classical guitar, saxophone, and congas. “Because of our organic gypsy chord progressions and syncopated rhythms,” Haze says, “we make the crowd feel like they’re the ones dancing with bells around their ankles!”

The Angie Haze Project

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