ArtistPR will save you hundreds of hours and dollars. If you’ve ever tried sitting down and searching around the net for ways to gain internet exposure for your music, then you probably already have realized that it’s a full time job to promote your music. Our tools and resources give you the short cut to massive promotion for your music. You can spend time playing and creating music rather than digging around the Internet looking for marketing opportunities.

This is a great question and one that gets asked quite often. First of all, you won’t find a single PR firm out there that will work an unknown artist on a percentage. If you know of one, please tell us – it would be like finding Bigfoot! :) Publicists have always been and always will be paid upfront. That’s how the PR business has worked since the days of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and it continues to work that way in the days of Britney Spears, P. Diddy and Eminem.

If you are buying a band’s CDs, listening to their music on the radio, and reading about them in Spin and Rolling Stone, someone is paying for publicity, whether it’s the record label, the manager, or the artists themselves. Managers and agents do work on a percentage, but no substantial manager with industry connections will touch a band without a proven track record of interest from radio and press and a strong fan base. So, whether you’re a newly formed band or a seasoned artist, you need to invest in a PR firm that will get your name and your music out to the right media outlets. In the end, your image, your fan base, and your profit margin will all benefit.


It’s an announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that is issued to the press. A press release is one of the best, most affordable, promotion tools out there for your music. To purchase our press release writing and distribution service, please visit: http://www.artistpr.com/buy-press-release

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