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  • — Thanks for taking the time to further your music career with this Artist Interview!

    It's not a traditional interview in the sense where we sit down with you and chat, but we've included many questions below that will allow your fans get to know you and your music. One of the best things you can do to grow your fan base is to connect with fans on a personal level — and sharing your thoughts and feelings through an artist interview will help you do that.

    If you prefer to answer the questions in a word document, you can download the questionnaire and write your answers at your own leisure. When you're done, copy and paste your answers into this form. You must submit your responses through this form in order for your interview to be published.

    You don't need to answer every single question, but the more you answer the better.  One sentence answers probably won't be very compelling for your fans... so put some thought into your answers.

    Because your interview will be sent out to industry partners, we can only accept quality interviews and not every submission will be accepted. Here are some tips to help you get published:

    • Use proper grammar. Poor grammar is unprofessional and will likely be disapproved.
    • The more questions you answer, the better.
    • Be descriptive and detailed, but don't write a book.
    • Use descriptive language so you can help your fans visualize your technique and your inspiration.
    • Elaborate on some of your answers by telling a story. It could be about how you found an artist, fell in love, and how that worked its way into your music.
    • Stay positive, nobody likes Debbie Downer.
    • Try to emotionally connect with your fans.
    • People love conflict and controversy. Just don't be offensive.

    If your submission is approved, we'll notify you by email that your interview has been featured on our website. We'll also share your submission with our industry partners and on all of our social media platforms.

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