Triple Threat

Triple Threat


Tell us about yourself and your music

My Name is Rabia Louis Haynes Born Robert Louis Haynes… I changed it Once I Join SAG/Aftra Back in 1999… after doing Tons of Background Work in the Industry I thought Rabia would make me more unique… A Native of Chicago I’ve been dipping and Dabbing in entertainment Since Drama College in the 1970’s So it’s only natural for me to Go the music Route…

Talk to us more about your latest release

My Most Notable Release is “Song Without a Title” Coming from live theater ? practically all my life singing in Musically theater and challenge acting, I wanted to challenge the music with a creative piece Name Song With a Title…Yet that is the Title Fans Family and friends as really been responsive with this approach has proved to be a movable talking point… If Only I was in front of a more broader audience to really shine…

What inspired you to write this release?

Honestly Covid-19 Being shut in without a lot to do these Days I’ve learned more about music theory a new language among other things in this new normal of destructive circumstances, so I decided to be apart of all things Constructive and contribute something worthwhile, And music is a universal language therefore to myself I said Let Me Be Heard…

Describe the writing and recording process

For me the writing process was to  choose a title write the lyrics and tell a story decide on a melody and let it flow…

Any plans to hit the road?

A Side Note I have a tour planned in theater ? with my “One Man Play” Now that I have enough songs for a album I will be performing and incorporating my music into the Highly sought Play { If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive Today} and believe me continue had current events in the production upon every year I perform. I now have great materials I believe Dr. King would say about this changing world…

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I believe I stand out simply because I’m a One Man Triple threat not only do I have the abilities to Write Perform and Direct myself in a One Man setting on stage, But I also Wrote Directed and played on of the ensemble characters in a Feature Film, I think this gives me more of a edge in this industry, I refuse to sit around a wait to be given a place I do my best to create a place for me in a very challenging industry… Success doesn’t not look for talent in the gutters we have to raise our heads highest to be found…

Who have you been listening to lately?

Sad to say but R Kelly, Kanye West, My fellow Chicago artist also all other type of artist including Sam Smith, Weekend, Drake, Bono, And Rihana Just to name a few…

Who are your biggest influences?

Stevie Wonder in Music, Colin firth in Acting, Plays Like Phantom of the Opera in Theater.

Tell us about your passions

I’m a late bloomer didn’t get a stab at big breaks earlier in my career, However Before I’m the age of Mr. Morgan Freeman my passion is to Receive what I call my own personal GETO, The Industry refer to it as EGOT… it’s not Enough to just be a working Musician or Actor/Writer I desire to be a award winning one who knows the platform ArtistPR Can give me could be the Birth of someone Wonderful…

What else is happening next in your world?

I Have Written 2 Other Feature Films Base on a Book that was written about my Family Title “The Promised Land” (Great Black Migration How it Changed America) My Mother the Late Ruby Haynes is the Heroin of that book my early work in theater ? in also feature in that book once the Journalist Nicholas Lemmon show up at one of my Performances and wrote a review in the book Nicholas Write fir Washington Post, Atlantic, and published many books its most notable one was African American History the “Promised Land” And My Mother is the Face of that History of the migration from the South to the North where we were born in Chicago I’m No. 6 of 8 Children My Mother had… My Screenplays are “Ruby’s Boys” & “By The Year 2000”



Thanks for an awesome interview, Rabia Louis Haynes



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