Triple Addiction in depth interview

Triple Addiction in depth interview


Tell us about yourself and your music

Hey, we’re Triple Addiction! We are a rock group from central New Jersey who blends a unique sound of classic rock, southern rock, and country into one new but familiar style of music. Our live show is high energy, Our lyrics spread positive vibes, and every show leaves the crowd wanting more. The band consists of triplet brothers: Chris Loree – Guitar / Lead Vocals, Brandon Loree – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals, Jon Loree – Drums / Backing Vocals. Being triplet brothers living under the same roof, we’ve been playing and performing together since we were 12. We grew up playing bars and clubs at 15, and quickly transitioned to opening up for bands and artists we grew up listening to (Billy Currington, 3 Doors Down, Saving Abel, Danny Worsnop, Janet Gardner of Vixen, and more). Growing up our family was constantly around music. Everything from Frank Sinatra to Garth Brooks was the cornerstone of our household. All of our influences stem from a ton of different styles. Our main style is rooted in southern rock, but we also sprinkle in hints of country, blues, Christian, and alt rock styles just to name a few. Our message is about finding the positive in the negative, the love in the heartbreak, the little things life has to offer that we all take for granted at some point or another. We all experience life with a familiar yet different story, and we hope that our music can find its way into your own life and experiences.

Talk to us more about your latest release

In September we finally released our first full length album titled American Heartbreak. It was our first real shot at making an album. In the past we worked with producers and recording engineers, but no one was seeing the vision we had for the album. After a couple failed attempts, we decided to self record, produce, and promote our own DIY album. We could not be happier with the results. Everything from the album art to the mixing was all created by us. All of the tracks on the album consist of stories and moments from our 23 years on this earth. Everything is real, authentic, rock and roll! In the past we wrote about what we “thought” we should write. We thought, “everyone writes about love so lets do that.” But the results were in-authentic and bland. Now with a more “adult” and “mature” mindset with a suitcase full of memories and stories, we cranked out an album and track list that we are proud of! The album is 7 songs about our life as brothers, band-mates, musicians, and people. In the past 6 months we have released a music video and PR to promote the new record. Since its release in September the album has accumulated over 10,000 streams, and has been featured in a number of articles and publications. We are very excited that this record is the springboard for our new direction!

Track list and a description of each song-
Rhythm of the Road- We wanted to write a fun, up-tempo song about driving. That feeling you get when you put the pedal to the floor and feel the ground beneath your feet. We also wanted a rippin’ guitar solo at the end, because why not? We felt this song was a great opener to show “We’re back!”

Hard to Say Goodbye- Our first single! This song is over 3 years old, but we hung onto it. We always had an affinity for it, because it was the first authentic song we wrote. It’s about desperately wanting back someone you never wished you had to say goodbye to. Whether its a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend, parent, etc, this song connects to that message. We all want that one more second back. This song is rooted in hope, our relationships never have to end

Nothing is All You Need- Funny story, Jon wrote the lyrics to this song on the way to lunch at college one day. It was a very cold November day in Jersey. Jon had a ton of holes in his jeans and said to himself “I need new jeans, but I never owned a pair of jeans more than 25 bucks” and from there the first line of the song was born! We wrote this song because we love country, and we love the times money can’t buy. Being with friends and family will take the place of any monetary possession any day!

Place We Call Our Own- We come from a divorced family and this song is straight from our hearts. All the “things” we accumulate in life don’t mean a thing when the person you love is not there anymore. Things become tense and separated, but at the end of the day you want nothing more than everything to become normal again. Luckily at the end of this song there is a happy ending. We hope that if you are in the same situation as us, you can connect to this song too.

Better Life- We are all looking for a “better life.” A change of scenery, going out on a limb, doing something great. Unfortunately that comes with leaving some people behind, but you have to chase your dreams! For us that dream is music, but for you it could be something else. We hope this song motivates you to get out there and get that dream!

American Heartbreak- This was the last song written for the album, but resonates throughout it. We all go through heartbreak, and we all seem to deal with it similarly. We get over it by going out, hanging with friends, and going back to the drawing board. This is a fun, positive spin on a somewhat negative situation. Its the age old story of guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets over girl, but this story can be applied to anyone!

Highway Song- Just like the album opens, this song is about driving. Instead of a positive fun song about driving, this is a sad one. Its about not being able to go home after a breakup. You want so bad to take that road back home, but you know you can’t because of the situation. The song has a powerful ending and we feel everyone can relate to these lyrics.

What inspired you to write this release?

We wanted new music! We had an EP that we had been playing for years, and finally we said, lets do this thing! We had slightly changed styles (hard rock-sothern rock) and we had grown as young adults. Our life experiences had become more real and more mature. With that comes new stories, new relationships, and new outlooks on life. All of that culminates into the songs on this album. We feel they are as genuine, and real as we could make them. Our families, friends, and fans inspire us everyday to write!

Describe the writing and recording process

The recording process was crazy! After a ton of failed attempts at working with others, we decided to DIY the whole thing. It was so scary. Hours of reading, learning and trial-and-error led us to this final product. Everything was recorded in our basement with equipment we purchased over the years. We learned how to track drums, record guitars, mix vocals, etc, all within 1 year of working on the album. We were mixing and recording right down to the wire! We had a ton of setbacks (lost files, computer crashes, etc) but we made up for it with long nights and hours of work. Chris did most of it himself when it came to mixing. He worked for hours at a time, slept for a couple, and then right back to it the next morning, all while maintaining part time jobs and gigging. It was the biggest and best feat we ever took on, and to come out a success is very rewarding. It might be the biggest labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears that we ever took on. Tensions were high at times, tempers flared, but in the end we grew closer not only as musicians and band-mates, but also as brothers.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes we do! We have a bunch of shows lined up in the future. We’re opening for Danny Worsnop, Janet Gardner, Saving Abel, Tantric, and Trapt to name a few. We are in the NJ-PA-NY area for most of them, but have plans to run out to VA and Nashville within the year. It’s definitely going to be a busy year now that the album is out!

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Great question! For one we are in a genera that is not native to NJ. We play a lot of shows with Hard rock/ Metal bands and its kind of nice to be the outlier of the group. When we get up and play a show in our area we are generally very different than the other bands around us. As far as in the scope of the whole world, we are triplet brothers in a rock band. We feel promoting that aspect of the group is huge for us. We feel its a very rare blessing that to have! We are also writing songs about who we are that can be different from the norm. We’re three wholesome, Christian dudes. A lot of that aspect goes into our song writing, and it can be interpreted as “different.” Also our live show is huge to us. We put everything we have out there on stage. We don’t use any tracks or assistance in our set, just straight, live, rock and roll!

Who have you been listening to lately?

We always look for new tunes or things we haven’t ever listened to! We like to keep current, but also get back to old records we haven’t heard in a while. Artists like Nickelback, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Church, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, Elvis, etc have timeless records that we always keep on rotation. We aren’t big on today’s top 40, but we can find an appreciation in the song writing and craftsmanship. As far as new albums from this year we compiled a list below!

A couple of bands that have come out with great records in the past year are:

Switchfoot- Native Tounge

Luke Combs- What You See Is What You Get

Brantley Gilbert- Fire and Brimstone

I Prevail- Trauma

Lady Antebellum- Ocean

Bayside- Interrobang

Black Stone Cherry- Black to Blues Vol. 2

Old Dominion- Self Titled

Midland- Let It Roll


Who are your biggest influences?

This is such a TOUGH question. Our influences are all over the place, honestly. When we were kids the first concert we ever saw was Nickelback. That kick-started our musical career. After that concert we decided to become musicians. A lot of people give the band hate, but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them, so there is something good out of Nickelback! As far as influences over the years, classic rock bands like the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Boston, Skynyrd, Van Halen, all had a part in shaping our individuality. Since transitioning into a more country style, we have been influenced by bands like Old Dominion, Midland, Lanco, and artists like Luke Combs, Eric Church, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Brantley Gilbert, etc. Even then, there are so many artists that we are leaving out from this. Influence comes in so many facets, and there is something to be taken from every artist and style!

Tell us about your passions

Our passion is to help people with our songs. We get a platform every performance that most people don’t get. We want to use our passion to bring some sort of light to our audience. We all have struggles, life gets in the way for all of us. Our passion is to help people forget whats going on outside the concert, and focus on living in the moment. If we can help someone forget their worries, then we’re doing our job. We are so passionate about our music. We love writing, recording, and bringing a live set to the public. Our band will always be focused on making positive, helpful, real tunes. It is what we are most passionate about above everything else! For us its all about God, family, and our music.

What else is happening next in your world?

That’s a great question. We don’t know to be honest! We can only hope to keep moving forward with the progress that we have been making. We hope to write more, record more, and gig more. Eventually a tour would be nice in the future. As of now the future is bright and we are very optimistic to keep this ride going. We are just trying to take it one step at a time and see where we can take this band and our music!



Thanks for an awesome interview, Triple Addiction



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