The G-Bombs – A Virginia Beach Punk Rock Band

The G-Bombs - A Virginia Beach Punk Rock Band


Tell us about yourself and your music

The G-Bombs is a Punk Rock Band from the surf and skate culture of Virginia Beach. The band plays energetic and thoughtful/intelligent music with a wide range of style centering around what has become known as Skate Punk, but with twists and turns that at times could remind you of early Misfits, bring you to the beach with some surf rock, and then get you skanking to a ska and reggae feel. The G-Bombs bring a heavy West Coast punk rock influence and filter it through the band’s East Coast roots. While you will find many familiar sounds from the band’s wide catalog of influences, the G-Bombs have a unique style and sound that compliments the band’s influences while not becoming a carbon copy of anything that has come before.

Talk to us more about your latest release

We have recently released our first album, Supply and Command, with over twenty tracks. We are very happy with this album and put much time and hard work into it, which really shows in the final product. It’s slammed full of fast punk rock songs, many under two minutes in true punk rock fashion.

Describe the writing and recording process

We spent a long time recording this album with many spread out recording sessions. While this method took much time to finish the album, it also gave us the vast material for so many songs on one album. We just continued writing new material as the recording process went on. Eventually, we had to just stop recording new songs or we would never complete the album. It was a bunch of fun and we’re all proud of the final product.

Any plans to release a video?

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

We play and write the music we feel and love. We don’t overthink it or really have any aim or goal on what we want our music to sound like. The same goes for our image and fashion, or lack thereof. We wear the clothes we feel like wearing without thinking about and effect, other than being ourselves. We are not contrived and do not push any image other than our true selves, and I think that is really what punk rock is if that term could be defined.

Tell us about your passions

We are all passionate about music. We also all grew up skating and surfing, coming from the surf town of Virginia Beach. We love our town and the close-knit music community here. One thing I’ve noticed over the years in this music scene is how the community comes together when someone or some band is in need. We’ve done many fundraising shows, memorial shows, and other support events when another band or even music fan finds themself in the need of our support. Other bands in this area are also quick to jump in, oftentimes with so many that not all can get on a single show bill. We love that.

What else is happening next in your world?

The G-Bombs already have a stash of new songs for our next project and look forward to a busy line of live performances in the future. We’re looking forward to expanding our reach to new listeners and spread the area of live shows to new cities for new fans.



Thanks for an awesome interview, The G-Bombs



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The G-Bombs is a Punk Rock Band from the surf and skate culture of Virginia Beach. The band plays energetic… ...Read More

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