Monk, musician, healer

Monk, musician, healer


Tell us about yourself and your music

I released my first album, Livet er (“Life is” in Norwegian) 29’th August last year. The birthday of my daughter Anna.
It is a history of my life. One of the songs, “Stony Bird”, was written on the day after my son Aleksander had slept through a whole night for the first time. Three months old. He is now 25.
MK I was written after the toughest day I have ever had at work – I have worked in some of Norways toughest institutions since I was 17 – when I couldn’t go to bed with all the darkness a young boy had shared. The stories he told me made my co-students cry.
“The King” … I have few idols. Dr. Martin Luther King is one, so I did a mashup of two of his speeches and added music. “S5” is a really old track. I don’t even remember what program I used to create it, but it is an indication of the direction I am now pursuing, working with Electronica (or Earth House, as I call my style).
“Darkness” is special. It features Tommy Karlsson on steelguitar, Norways best at the time (he once played at Grand Ole Opry). This song got me accused of being racist in a songwriters online group, as I used the N-word. I tried saying that it was a direct quote, and that since the best-man in my wedding was a rather tan friend from Morocco, I didn’t feel it was quite correct, but … I guess he didn’t really read the lyric.
“Pray” was written after a quarrel with my ex-wife. The prayer lasted some years … we were married for 25.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My new release on Spotify etc. will be a cover song – first one I have done. The Day Before the Day by Dido and Rollo Armstrong.

However, as there are special requirements with releasing cover songs, I would rather give you the link to my most popular song on SoundCloud. The first song of my second album, The tracks on SoundCloud are un-mastered, but pretty close to the 108 songs this album will contain.

What inspired you to write this release?

I was asked by a woman on Starmaker – a karaoke app I sing on under my artist name, mAncient – to duet The Day Before the Day by Dido and Rollo Armstrong.
It was to commemorate a young woman, who chose to end her life.
It led me to set up a campaign to raise awareness on the issue of suicide. We are doing something wrong in our society. And we need to talk about it.
I call my campaign #waitoneminute.
Wait one minute before you pull that trigger, wield that blade. Before you take that first puff of a cigarette or joint, before you shoot up.Reflect on your life, and not on the negative. Think of the love you have given and gotten. Remember your peaks.
And after waiting one minute, wait one more.

Describe the writing and recording process

I recorded the duet using the Starmaker app, setting it up as a duet. Used a Custom effect-setting (49/49) and ordinary Apple-buds to record the vocals twice. The recording was done in my car.

You can find the original recording on the channel I set up for my campaign. Link below.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, I am in the planning stage. Don’t know where and when quite yet, but stay in the loop and I will let you know!

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

My music, especially the Electronica (“Earth House”) is quite different to much of the other music I listen to. I tend to use 88 BPM a lot. Also, I tend to write in Am or C. This is because these scales represent love and harmony. But, my own favorite key is Eb.

I am a monk. A Dr. of Divinity. A healer – Tsa Lung and Song-healer – and my tracks and voice have been called “healing”.

And … to me, music is about love. About sharing compassion, love, dreams, hope and respect.

Who have you been listening to lately?

One of the voices I truly enjoy is Will Blunderfield. His interpretations of Stand by Me is incredible. And if I really want a blissful experience singing, I tend to end up with Hillsong. “Oceans”, “New Wine” and “I Surrender” are some of the songs I have sung most.

But if I had to go to a isolated island with only one artist, I would go there with the Danish music-collective Bliss. They truly are.

Who are your biggest influences?

I have so many artists that I love. Matt Johnson of The The was an early idol. “Giant” is one of the best-built percussion-based tracks I have heard, besides. Safri Duos incredible work. U2, The Clash, Pavarotti, Roxy Music, Galantis, Pentatonix, David Bowie, Post Malone, … so many. And the amazing soundtracks of the classic Disney-movies! Bobby McFerrins “Medicine Music” was a CD I had to buy several copies of. He is also amazing live. As for classical singing, Finnish basso Martti Talvela is up there along with Pavarotti.

However, dancing to Let’s go Crazy and Purple Rain by Prince way back in ’84, when I was a senior (exchange student in Junction City, Oregon) … that was priceless. And Billy Idol! And of course. Bruce Springsteen.


Tell us about your passions


I have a dog, who’s my co-worker, co-healer and best friend. Animal rights are very important to me, and I am a pescetarian.

I love learning. I love talking with people – real-talk, not small-talk.

Singing. Of course. Composing. Human rights. Environmental concerns. Spirituality. Technology. Facebook. Meditation.

What else is happening next in your world?

I would love to delve into DJ-ing again. 33 years ago, I was a bartender/DJ. I would love to get back into that. I also am planning concerts. But – I already work 17 hour days, seven days a week. So I guess I should get a manager.



Thanks for an awesome interview, mAncient



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