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Tell us about yourself and your music

How do you fit living ten lives in a paragraph? Haha! I came to Australia at the age of 10. English being my second language, made my school life not so pleasant. I struggled and failed most subjects. I skipped school many times forging my parent’s signature. At 16 I bought an electric guitar and took only a few lessons. The idea of me doing music was destroyed by verbal abuse by someone I looked up to. I dropped out of school. I’ve had many different jobs as well as owning my own Interior Design business. I also designed and opened a Coffee shop. When I sold my Coffee shop, my body gave up and I fell sick to the point I was lifeless and forced to eat. After getting my full strength back, other personal battles came up. I was tired of many things. I fell into depression and hardly came out of my room for a while. I wanted my life to change. The universe got involved and started rearranging my life. I got into acting. I wanted to have fun. I was tired of the negative. 2 years before my marriage ended I started to sign my art with my first name. This I acknowledged after my split when I matched my Art with my poetry. It’s like my soul knew the marriage was ending. I have been in 4 very different relationships. My second marriage ended 11 years later. We separated acknowledging we were living a lie towards the end. We accepted what we were unaware of and moved forward. We both agreed, our being together was to help bring up my daughter. Although my mother was extremely angry with me at the time, she bought me a guitar. I planned only putting my energy into creating the song “One Day I Wish.” I guess my soul had other plans. Even though I struggled with paying for my living for nearly 5 years, and at times wanting to give up, my music was helping me heal and kept me going. Being on my own and free, my mind started questioning many different things. I started working with energy more. I connected to different abilities of self-healing. My inner child got very curious about going beyond this reality due to what I was experiencing. NO drugs involved. Just my mind and God, Universe and Nature showing me evidence as I asked. I wrote more lyrics while working with a producer. The music was flowing naturally. The hard part was trying to find my voice in the beginning. I didn’t like vocal exercises and I struggled. I had to stop working with the producer due to not having enough money so I was pushed to work on my music on my own. When I started deep healing on my self, my voice started to transform naturally. All my songs have a very different energy. I can’t wait to record my Rock songs! After writing my first Rock song, the very next day I walked straight into a second-hand shop that had the electric guitar I wanted as a teenager. I bought it with part of my rent money. I just had to have it! My songs are full of true pure passion and positivity. I only wish to lift people.

Talk to us more about your latest release

Although I wasn’t going to release this song, I decided to for the story behind how my voice came to life. I only realized a week after my daughter’s wedding, the big change in my vocal. I’ve had my current phone since the time I did my first recording. When I heard my voice now, 7 years later, I completely broke down. I felt at that moment everything I had healed and also all I connected with to create my peaceful voice. Through my healing, I came to understand energy on a deeper level. How far deep the conditioning of our mind goes and so much more.

What inspired you to write this release?

My daughter was only 16 when she met her partner. The love I’ve sensed and seen between these two beautiful beings is what inspired me to write this song. 

Describe the writing and recording process

This was the first short tune I just flowed out in 2012. I only had the first and second verses created back then. I reconnected with the tune in early 2019 briefly. Two weeks before my daughter’s wedding, I asked myself self “what is the best way to finalize the song?” The words just came out naturally and I had my rough demo ready. Four days before the wedding I added some drum beats and recorded the song. It is a very simple song.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

I’ve only released 3 songs at this stage. I will finalize and continue to release my music and I will let the Universe decide what is best for me. In my heart, I would like to put all my skills together and open an Entertainment restaurant venue where not only I perform my music, where other Artists have the opportunity to do so as well. Each evening with a completely different energy. Positive encouragement for all. Music, Drama, and Dancing. Anyway, let’s see what happens.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

What one expresses through music, what it means to them I feel should be most important. I ask my self what best way to express and let my words flow out. Sometimes words flow out and I am unsure why. They just have so much feeling behind them. Is it a fantasy? Am I creating something I desire? Time will tell. Do I stand out? I don’t know every Artist. Let me just say, with so much negativity in the world, I chose to create music that is full of love, passion, and positive vibrational energy. I wish to create different energy through my songs. I allow my music to flow out at the right time. Although I put myself under pressure with many things, some things require a precise moment. My dance song “Put your body next to mine” is created from an acoustic version. I love to dance so I said to myself self why not make one of my songs a dance song. One night after midnight I picked a drumbeat and immediately started singing the song completely different. I recorded the idea and let my mind work on it while focusing on other music. Months later I just picked up my iPad and added other upbeat sounds to finalize the music. During this time I was still creating my voice through my healing. I wasn’t aware at first my voice was changing naturally through my healing process. Once I acknowledged this, I started experimenting and asking the universe to flow healing vibration through my voice and energy as well.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Mostly I have been listening to music from the 60s and 70s. I have been very disconnected from the world last 5years. Now starting to reconnect. When I hear music nowadays, the words are angry and depressing in so many songs. It makes me sad. I love uplifting music.

Who are your biggest influences?

When I was a kid, I’d listen to ABBA, The Beatles and Elvis. As a teenager, I loved listening to Kiss, AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crew & other Rock bands. I also loved Madonna, Boy George, and other pop stars. I could never have a favorite. I always appreciated different styles of music. Who am influenced by? Good question!

Tell us about your passions

My passion besides my music is the desire to help others to help themselves. I feel sad when I sense another human being suffering inside. I am highly empathetic. I have learned not to take on other’s pain. I understand it is out of my hands. I do know I can be there when I can. If I sense someone isn’t ok, I ask and offer to help. When I help another I feel I am helping my self. I believe we are all one. People trust me and feel comfortable opening up to me. It makes me feel I am of value to this world in some way. I think one of the saddest things in this world is that people have to pay for someone to listen to what they feel. I know there are many free phone lines created for support. Some people just give up and this hurts my soul. Music uplifts me and helps me heal. Acting creates a bit of different fun in my life. My mind excites me when I work out something on my own. I love using my mind.

What else is happening next in your world?

I wish to create enough money to have my own space and have more free time to do my music. Although it was a struggle for some time, I did start making extra money, just not the required amount to live comfortably. Nearly 2 years I lived without a fridge. Few times I almost applied for government assistance. I’d yell at the Universe “I wanted to create my own money!” So I’d get more work. Before Xmas 2019, the Universe decided to throw me out from where I lived. I sensed I wasn’t welcome there and didn’t feel at home anymore. I got evicted. There was only one way I could move. I had to be out by a particular time to get my bond back. I had no savings. I prayed between work like never before saying “Thank you God and Universe creating for me the right home to live!” 4 days later my wish came true. When I moved, my finances got so much better. I paid less rent and my wage almost tripled. I could easily afford food and pay bills. When the world went in lockdown, I got low on energy tasting the fear. I used my powerful healing ability to release it and disconnect from it. A few days later I was fine. Although I lost some work, I got through. It hasn’t been easy for many of us. Now things getting slowly better, I am focused on creating better for my self. As much as it is ok where I am, it is very noisy. I live with 6 young people. I require my own space. I love my determined stubborn inner child! I send my love to the world and wish we all find peace and heal.



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