Artist Interview: Young Orpheus

Artist Interview: Young Orpheus


Tell us about yourself and your music

I’m a young rapper, and producer. I’m eighteen years old. I make a very particular type of music, I talk a lot about my life and my experiences. I talk about my life in the ghetto, my depression, anxiety, love issues, and everything in between. I’m so open about myself and my feelings because I want to make something people can connect to, something that can make people like me feel less alone when they hear my music.

Talk to us more about your latest release

Lost In Time is my latest release, it’s the leading single for my upcoming album “Roses.” It’s a mix of soulful rap, with a bit of a chill vibe, but it holds on to some hard knocking Boom-bap drums. But I’ve also got a 7 song EP coming to all streaming sites this summer.


What inspired you to write this release?

The pressures that I face, as a young artist who’s risking everything to make a career in the music business, inspired me to write this song. I talk about wanting to go back in time to when things were simpler, and I also touch on things like drug addiction, and the pain I’ve had to deal with in these past few years, because of how relentless I am to pursue my passion as an artist.

Any plans to release a video?

I plan to release videos in the future, but I don’t have any up now. I’m really focused on getting these two projects that I’m working on done.

Any plans to hit the road?

I would love to go on tour, I’ve done a few local shows, but I’m trying to lay off the shows because I’m really trying to finish these projects I’m working on.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I feel like there’s a lot of redundancy and over-saturation in the music business today, so I try to make myself different by combining a hard-hitting style of vocals, with smooth melodic instrumentals, I like to combine genres when I’m creating music, jazz, blues, RnB, Rap, Boom-Bap it’s all open for me to experiment with when I’m creating.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye lately, all the new albums he’s dropped this year have been amazing. I’m listening to a lot of XXXTentacion (God bless his soul), Nas, Tupac, 6LACK, and Joe Budden.

Tell us about your passions

Besides music? Nothing really. I know that sounds really depressing, but music is the only reason I do get up every morning. Everything I do in my day to day life is to push my music career forward, directly or indirectly, but I will say that my friends and family make it a lot easier to get about of bed, so shout out to all the people who show me, love.

What else is happening next in your world?

Just released, and working on music. Pushing my brand until I’m successful. I don’t really have an option to do anything else, so that’s all I’m doing

Thanks for an awesome interview, Clay!



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I am an 18-year-old artist, Originally from Dover, Delaware, but I currently reside in Florida. I write, produce, record, mix,… ...Read More

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