Artist Interview: Perjsuasian

Artist Interview: Perjsuasian


Tell us about yourself and your music

Hey, guys, My name is Persjsuasian and I am an up and coming LGBT artist. I’m from Bastrop Louisiana. I am 22 years of age, and I love to sing, dance, act, and express myself through art. I started writing music at the age of 8 years old and since then I’ve fallen in love over and over again. At the beginning of my music career, I released two projects which basically projected that I released to get a feel for recording and releasing music. Over the past two years, I have grown so much as an artist and I’m currently working on my debut album. This new album entitled ” Kqueen Supreme B” is a very versatile project. I’m able to express myself more by giving my fans a more emotional me, and to allow them to get a glimpse of parts of my life. This album will include songs that are fun and energizing, songs that are more personal and emotional, songs that talk about love, loss, motivation, depression, and so much more. I invite all of you guys to enter this journey alongside me and witness the magic that you guys inspire me to create.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My latest release is a song from my debut mix-tape entitled “Perjsuasians Debutto”. This is one of the most emotional songs from my debut project. It talks about hardship, pain, and the desire to embody the essence of a monumental artist. I wrote this song within an hour because I woke up one day and I was having feelings of depression, and I wanted to express myself. I was at a bad place in my life and all I wanted was to be able to break into the music industry and show people I really have what it takes to be the best artist of the century. This was one of my most vulnerable times, but I am so grateful because it improved my artistry in so many ways. I want you guys to take a listen and feel free to reach out and tell me how you feel, and if you have dealt with some of the same feelings.



What inspired you to write this release?

I was honestly sitting in my room crying because my career isn’t where I wanted it to be. I was contemplating quitting music, selling my body, selling my soul, and doing anything that I can to get where I needed to be. Then I had an epiphany and a huge surge of confidence, and I then just put all of my emotions into this record to show people what I was battling in hopes that I would help someone else.

Any plans to release a video?

I have plans to release several videos from my upcoming album. So many ideas and so much planning because I want to produce something that is fresh and that people can relate to or feel they can escape into.



Any plans to hit the road?

I absolutely have plans to hit the road in this upcoming year. I plan to have a manager who can book me, or release a song with enough buzz to get promoters interested. 2019 should be a very promising year, and I want you guys to stay tuned and stay positive.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I try to collaborate with people who may have a bigger following than me, or I try to get reposted by celebrities within the industry. I also try to get promotional services from Instagram accounts who offer promotion. But all around its just the consistency and continuously posting and allowing people to engage more, and with this it also inspires people to share my music with their friends.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I try to widen my range of artists to learn from each one. I listen to artists like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle, Ariana Grande, Tyga, Migos, Quavo, Future, Lil Wayne, Lil Snupe, NBA Youngboy, Cradi B, Dreamdoll, Ella Mai, August Alsina, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and the list can go on and on.

Tell us about your passions

Besides music I really love dancing, acting, modeling, and coming up with ideas for clothes. I’m really an all-around artist and I love to do new things.

What else is happening next in your world?

Currently, I’m gearing up for my debut album as well as graduating college this December. So you can tell that my life is really hectic right now trying to record, finish school work, and perform at a school for a final grade as well as getting my project recorded.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Zaniqiues!



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