Artist Interview: OneSelf

Tell us about yourself and your music

Hi, First of all. Thank you to have thought about my music and me, Tried to describe my musical work and my musical evolution is not an easy task, because passion is the keyword of my artistic world. Undercover of Oneself , I learned the ABC’s of home – studio’s recording by myself at trying to do the same of my favourite albums, in that time, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to read it was Beatles albums . I began to record my own songs , with a 4 tracks recording tape wow ! I thought after my first songs , not so bad, quite good for someone who did learned by himself.Lately I listened this song, ouch my ears , I made that, by chance nobody heard this song but me , after couple of years , I evoluated towards a 8 tracks cassette recorder, I was so happy , 4 more tracks, I began to do bouncing from tracks to tracks with a lot of noise on the tape. I learned to be more precise, to do more with less, to improve the quality of my songs.

Came the digidesign 001, on computer, wow, better sounds , better effect, plug ins a lot of tracks , what a play ground, sky is the limit of my creativity, you must know, I began to write songs when I learned to play guitar, with one chord, the D, I wrote a song, I was so proud but
it was an ugly one, believe me .

With the Digi 001 I made JOURNEY INTO MY LANDS DOOR 1, by OneSelf my first album, Created everything like I used to do from the cover to the last song . But I was not ready to release it, I felt it was not , not what ,I don,t know it was a matter of feeling.

All was on the same level, skil to play guitar , learn to sing how to record what I had in my head, everything was at the same time . I learned to control every aspects of an album.

Created my second one UNCLASSIFIABLE DREAM OF A QUIET MAN DOOR 2 by OneSelf. a lot better Releaded it on Zimbalam for a couple of years . My album was heard all around the world, sold a lot of albums , The aggregator has decided to close the site , but the album was transferring to TUNECORE.

Made a third album TRACES DOOR 3 by OneSelf . Same recipes , wrote a lot of songs .chose the better, compose the music , made the cover, played every instruments, sang every songs, did the recording did, the mixing , with the master, all by myself with help of my friends, to know what they thought about my album , they were so impressed, I was happy, the job was done.

My computer was old , digi 001 , not up to date, I discoverd the eleven Rack with Pro tools Avid ( It was Digidesign before ) Wow

I began my 4 th album ,I had to stopped my music , one of my brother died…. at 52 years old

For so many years, I produced myself, realised myself, wrote my own songs, composed melodies, learned how to played every instruments. With my evolution It was clear in my mind That I make everything on my own . Oneself was the better choice for a band name Creator of my own, I am always in a creating process to look for new sounds, writing new songs , composing some brand new music.

thank you to appreciate my music and telle me what do you think about my pieces of art

Talk to us more about your latest release

My last release is PORTRAITS OF A CONFIDENCE DOOR 4 , after the death of my brother I was so in pain, that I dived into a writing process to empty my pain , my tears , I was so devastated…
On the the way to say Good bye to my brother, I wrote the first song of this album, HAPPINESS straight as an arrow, all was there , from the first word to the last one, no stop, I wrote all the song

I felt that someone helped me to write , and the album was recorded with may be 4 times the songs I needed to make an album.



What inspired you to write this release?

Like I wrote, the inspiration was the death of my brother , I wanted an album that could represent my brother, when he was on earth, what I did not want to , was a sad album , my brother was not a no fun guy, he liked Rock , Blues That was the first link to get a tribute album for my brother.

Any plans to release a video?

I created 4 videos Happiness ,No days but drop by drop, All my, Now, Sorry so sorry ( Freely )


Any plans to hit the road?

Not for now, I will see what I can do in the future.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I brand myself as a creator, a musician who creates music album to express myself but My songs has to be Rock or Blues with easy listening sounds.

Musics with melodies and Beat who can brings something good

Who have you been listening to lately?

My next album ,Beatles , Rolling stones Queen

Tell us about your passions

My music world is a part time , my main job is to teach ART, MUSIC’ in school, for primary students .

What else is happening next in your world?

I also create painting go to see

I upload my name on to mix other songs than mine.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Mario!



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