Artist Interview: Neto Grip

Artist Interview: Neto Grip


Tell us about yourself and your music

Donshay Calhoun took the role of Magneto Grip at a young age. Grip is known as the greatest rapper in Pennsylvania. His music will paint a picture in your head while putting you in tears from his pain, his life, the music heard is all stories and experiences from his life and through his eyes. Magneto Grip’s strongest influence of becoming a rapper was L L Cool J, Red Man, Method Man, and Tupac Shakur. One quote Grip walks to is “Shine for today because tomorrow isn’t promised.”
Grip produced over 15 albums in his whole music career. Few of the albums he just came out with are, “Listen to my Demo”, “I Declare War”, “I am Grip Volume 1”, and “I am Grip Volume 2.” He is currently working on three projects, unidentified. Over the whole span of Grips life all he has wanted to do was be in the music industry to share his soul through his music with the world.
Starting in the music industry Donshay was known as Shay Dog. Rapping for friends and cyphers at school, he didn’t really see his talent at the time. Once he started rap battles and showing the world his talents, he was calling himself Grip. He wasn’t called the greatest rapper in Pennsylvania until a rap battle in Philadelphia; a young man asked him if that is what Grip stood for. Grip has represented York, PA since a kid, and will always represent there. So to receive this title he took it with respect. Grip will continue to prove us all why every time his pen touches the paper (when it does because he freestyles songs).
Magneto Grip has done shows in the following cities and states: State Collage, Reading PA, Lancaster PA, Huntington PA, Harrisburg PA, York PA, and Penn State main campus, Drexel University, Temple University, Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Hampton VA, Virginia Beach VA, Baltimore MD, Essex MD, Maine, and New Hampshire. Songs are currently played at Halifax Canada With album sales in all these cities, states as well as music sold In Ghana, Africa and several cities in France. Magneto Grip has made himself well known across the world and the small amount of success has only added to his fire and desire to achieve his goals and dreams. In the words of Magneto Grip, “Giving up is where the fail is worry were your future at not where the next L is set trends not follow.” This is from Mirrors, Magneto Grip ft. Bruno Mars. This song can be found on Sound Cloud ( along with many other of his songs.
Magneto Grip’s music can be found on Sound Cloud, Tallenge, Reverbnation,, Magnetogrip and ill-life-music(All 3 accounts under soundcloud/) DJ Frkkky D (slip n slide records DDJ Greatest Rapper in P.A. Magneto G.R.I.P is not the typical rapper he is more outspoken and opinionated then the average rapper.

Talk to us more about your latest release

The warm bka the lay up line. Follow up album too L.T.M.D Listen to my demo. Showing my lyrical abilities as well as storytelling. I tell everyone my albums is like your children they grow on you.



What inspired you to write this release?

Wanting to show the world hip hop is not dead it’s alive because I am alive. This mumble rap is similar to auto tune its cute but it’s not that real hip hop. Saving hip hop is my and was my inspiration.

Any plans to release a video?

Yes, I actually want one of my project( Zena 2nd son) to be visual only. Where the videos turn it into a movie about me my life. I have to reach to dew jones to help my my thoughts to life. He is about to release his brothers in south beach movie, I swear its the funniest movie of the century.



Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, I am currently in talks with a few different club owners trying to set up a ten city tour for me and a few other indie artist.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Simple im a emcee real music, made by a real person, for real people. My music is from my heart it’s no gimmick and mumble rap. No auto tune sounding like the rest of this non sense. No I bring that real hip hop

Who have you been listening to lately?

Cream, Freddy mack, Benny bugz, J fellz, O.G. Cali blue, Kwame katana, M.U. EZ Lyrical skitz, keem, spade sween

Tell us about your passions

My kids and my love for cooking. My girl a chef at sea blue we battle she won last one but next one all me. Just no i will buss bobby flay ass.

What else is happening next in your world?

I got a few projects i am waiting to record so i an drop these 6 albums i just wrote

Thanks for an awesome interview, Donshay!



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