Artist Interview: Jay Music

Artist Interview: Jay Music


Tell us about yourself and your music

I am Jay Music, I am 17 years old from Saint Louis, Missouri. When I was first born I was not expected to live past the age of 2, due to kidney and lungs being weak I’ve had surgeries to keep me alive and healthy. I was told I can’t play competitive sports such as football, boxing, basketball, etc., because I couldn’t pass a physical. I never felt like that was it because I grew up around music, my uncles and cousin were all in a rap group back in the 90’s & unfortunately all of them did not become successful. My cousin Howard “Chingy” Bailey went off to be a multi- platinum recording artist. I was always with him on stage, in the studio, video shoots and more. I was too young to actually get serious and understand what was really going on, but I knew from the time I was 3-5 years old this is what I wanted to do. I fell in love with music, I didn’t want to go outside and play football, baseball, ride a bike, I wanted to have a pretend concert with the remote in the living room. Years later I went on to record my first song in my cousins house on a microphone and desktop, the song got sent to a few people that sent it to a few people and got posted on Facebook of me performing it in my middle school talent show 2 years later (2012). I then went on to the following year to become a hype man for a childhood friend I grew up with in pre-school . I went on Tour with her (T-Skyy) and the former sensational group “Mindless Behavior”. I gained recognition in the city and a few other cities. I then left the management I was under to build my brand, and try everything on my own to get further than just T Skyy and her hype-man. Now I am currently completely independent I am getting booked for Sweet Sixteens & Parties Promoters put together in my city. I have a single out now I released March 9,2017 on Soundcloud. The song is entitled “Without You” Produced By DJ Shakey Biz, it is sampled from the beautiful, legendary, icon Aaliyah’s record “I Don’t Wanna”. It has 5,000+ streams and thats the Single I am currently pushing. But I can’t sell it due to me not owning copyrights and having clearance from the sample. I make music to express how I’m feeling rather if it is a turn up type of song I was inspired by either being with my friends at a party & felt like I wanted to get into talking about that.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My Latest Release “Without You” Produced By: DJ Shakey Biz has been released in March 2017. I currently have 5,000+ streams. That’s hardly anything to most artist who may have 10,000-100,000 streams. But I have invested into my brand and business to get the song sponsered and on the way to my local radio station & DJs. Just want and is in need of clearence. Its a love song something to catch the attention of the ladies in a postive way to make them feel loved. Not disrespecting ladies in any form. I do say a few course words but nothing a parent wouldn’t want their teenage daughter to hear.



What inspired you to write this release?

I was inspired by a conversation I was having with my Dad, brothers and uncles about what the trend was and how I shouldn’t follow the gangster violent content I need to be different. Not interperting that I have anything against “Drill” music but its not me. But my dad was saying they are making music for dudes in the streets, who aren’t going to support you and buy your album or tickets its the ladies who are, so make music for them. And thats when I made a tweet saying I need beats for a love song, and Shakey Biz sent me a link to this particular beat and it was the Aaliyah Sample. I instantly was inspired to write this hit! I felt good after a week or 2 of writing this record with a little help from my brother. I couldn’t wait to make a video of me rapping it in my dad’s room of his apartment and post it to get feedback and the responds were mind blowing.

Any plans to release a video?

Yes, Actually a short film to paint the picture for the viewers. I believe tome is everything!! So I will be releasing the video by the end of October Mid November. Only because it is still new to people and I haven’t had the time to make sure everything was perfect. The short film will be released on Vevo & Youtube on my Artist Channel. I actually have 1 music video out but it is a feature done with 2 other artist. The song is entitled Dedikationn- “Don’t Work, Don’t Eat” feat. Jay Music & Luhh Jae. I am close friends with these artists so it was a piece of cake doing this record with them. Dedikationn & Luhh Jae both felt as of this was an outlet to step out of the love song phase and show the people I can be versatile I can show the people every angle of Jay Music, so thats what I did on this freestyled verse.



Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, I do have plans to hit the road for a promo run. I will be promoting my mixtape “Die For This” which is expected to release in December 2017. This will include radio interviews, performances & more. This mixtape will release on MyMixtapez, Spinrilla, Datpiff,Live Mixtapez, & Soundcloud.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I brand myself & my music to stand out from the rest of the artist by actually being hands on with my art and not having a hand out or someone over my shoulder telling me what & what not to do or say. I invest in my brand I have recently purchased in home studio equipment. I want to make sure Im constantly giving people more & more music. Im understanding the business aspect of the industry I never regret anything I do, take it as a lesson &/or blessing and move past it. I understand all of this could be taken away from me so I remain humbled and solid. I’m a artist and I refuse to let social media & people who doesn’t care for my music change my work ethic or content of my music. I know what comes with this.

Who have you been listening to lately?

J. Cole, Jay- Z, G Herbo, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Lyfe Jennings, Big Sean, Jacquees, SZA, Meek Mill, Sam Smith,William Singe & so many more; also Local Artist such as the Benji Brothers, Stape & my friends Dedikationn & Luhh Jae but of course myself.

Tell us about your passions

The motivation from my supporters to wake up & see that I have inspired someone and to know I have so many more to inspire.

What else is happening next in your world?

Get into acting, currently model a little & currently graphic designing also but might get into a shoe brand later in my career.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Jay!



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