Artist Interview: Dontae Da Don

Artist Interview: Dontae Da Don


Tell us about yourself and your music

I’ve always loved music. As a child I sung in my church choir. At the age of 13. I began to write poetry. I found it as a way of self expression. It wasn’t until i turned 15 that i began to write songs and developed a dream of being able to create my own music.
Through the years I lost sight of that dream several times. yet, I continued to write. I guess some part of me would not let the music go.
In 2011 I went to the jail for a 3 year sentence.
It was during that time that I was at my lowest. It was during that time that I found solitude in myself and my music.
I know, this might sound crazy, but I began to write music as a way to keep my mind off of being in a steel box.
Talk about thinking outside the box.. lol
i began to write music as a way to keep me sain and help me deal with the everyday problems in my life.
sometimes Id be trying to got to sleep but I couldn’t because the music, the words, would not allow me to.
i used it.
I began my journey to perfecting my craft.
As my lyricism and understanding of music grew I began to understand the calling that i have as an artist.
I was released from jail in 2014 with 10 composition notebook of music.
As fate would have it, I no longer posses those notebooks.
1000 plus songs gone.
I began to loose sight of my dreams again but i couldn’t stop writing.
My best friend Joey The Bull gave me the chance to meet a Dallas producer/Legend by the name of UDog of (II kold Syndacate). After I recorded my first track( Holy Ghost) in the II kold Sound Lab in October of 2015. I sat and listened to the track.
I smiled
I finally heard what everyone else did.
I humbly accept my calling.
I realize that it is time for the world to hear my voice.
Here I am.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My latest release entitled ” By Any Means”
is a self reflection track that speaks the truth about some of the struggles that I’ve had to endure in the process of humbly Progressing in my life and my craft



What inspired you to write this release?

my inspiration for this piece came from the neigh Sayers.the told me that i should give up on perusing music as a career. they say that i will not make it but i say that i will and im going to do it ” By Any Means”

Any plans to release a video?

yes there are plans for a visual video, yet i have already uploaded a audio video for the latest track. i just finished shooting the last few scenes for “By Any Means”
I’m in the editorial process right now and yes i’m editing my own video. It Will be available on all social media sites soon


Any plans to hit the road?

i would love to hit the road at some point in time. right now my income is not in the right place. so, for the moment i guess im going to keep doing open mics and things of the local thing untill i can get my money up or find someone to sponsor me

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

my name is Dontae Da Don aka Triple D. there is only one me. one Triple D i represent for my entire city. their is no way that the city could deny its own. further more i make music that i believe the masses would enjoy. short and simple. There is no substitute for good music.

Who have you been listening to lately?

lately I’ve been listening to Ray Walker, Joey The Bull, Revolver Ice Alot, Nba Youngboy, Kevin Gates, Tank, Empire Cast, JayZ, Evenessence, limp bizkit, NAS,

Tell us about your passions

Besides Music, my passion is Poetry, Cooking While Listening to good music and doing old corny dance moves with my family and friends.

What else is happening next in your world?

Other than the music, i am a Spoken Word poet and i have two Books that I’m in the process of publishing.

The first book is entitled: The Poetic Soul
it is a collection of the poems that i have written through the years. along with photos and other stories that revolve around my life.

The Second book is entitled:
Respect The Code (A Guide To The Street Code Of Ethics)
this book is what i consider will be the urban bible. it is consist of the rules and regulations that govern the streets and lives of the individuals in virtually every urban community around the U.S.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Brandon!



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