Artist Interview: Chris Poole

Artist Interview: Chris Poole


Tell us about yourself and your music

Hi, I’m Chris Poole.
I’m a 21-year old guitarist and singer-songwriter from Bedfordshire, U.K but I live in Cornwall, U.K. I’m a young man who wishes to pursue a career in his music!
I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 10 and I love to write, record and produce my own music to the best of my ability.
I guess you could say I like to be precise and efficient with my work but to not allow myself to focus too greatly on every aspect of the music, as I’d constantly be changing the character of my songs; so I like to capture things in the moment and adapt from there onwards.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My latest release, ‘Climbing The Ladder’ features a collective merger of my three singles ‘On the Night Train (instrumental)’, ‘Reflection’ and ‘Take Off’.
All three of these songs are completely self-written and self-produced – in the moment like I mentioned before, so it’s clear that I’m truly fond of improvisation and letting the music adapt on a natural basis.
Honestly, I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved with this release; I’ve had some great feedback and a growing level of popularity from music that actually means something to me – which is what I set out to do originally.



What inspired you to write this release?

The inspiration for this release solely relates to my fiancee Shannon, who has been a true motivation in me creating music from the heart. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or even the ability to pursue a release of my music.
I improvised all three tracks and when the momentum kicked in, I managed to create a structure for them.
Reflection and Take Off are 100% about Shannon, there’s no doubt about it, because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what, where, or who I’d be!
On the Night Train is a very literal piece of instrumental music; I came up with the idea on a sleeper train when, as a passenger, the train (from London Paddington to Penzance, Cornwall), was passing Taunton Station; so I hummed the idea into my iPhone memo recorder and the rest is history!

Any plans to release a video?

We shall see… (laughs), I have some ideas to create a video or two for my upcoming, working-title album (that’s currently in production), but whilst I’m not 100% certain on this, I can confirm I will be releasing the videos through the VEVO platform if they come to pass!



Any plans to hit the road?

I have one concert coming up at the moment which is an Eric Clapton Tribute Show (which I’m really looking forward to!), but as a dad-to-be, my main focus will be my child so until she’s a little bigger, I won’t be touring for the foreseeable future – HOWEVER…
I do have some big plans for a future tour that will coincide with the release of my upcoming album, so there’s no doubt I will be on the road after a little while!

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I try not to be anything other than myself, which I think is really important for independent artists to know because honestly, to be something that you’re not is a great shame; learn to appreciate who YOU are and how YOU perform, because nobody wants a clone, they want originality and an honest integrity!

Who have you been listening to lately?

Whilst I’m a massive Eric Clapton fan, I’ve been listening to a lot of Doyle Bramhall II and his new album ‘Rich Man’ – I’ve been a fan of his for a long while.

Tell us about your passions

That’s a tough one, because it always leads back to me doing something musical!
Honestly, spending time with Shannon, my friends and family – the driving force behind my motivation in life!
I also enjoy gaming, sports and the odd bit of drawing here and there.

What else is happening next in your world?

Myself and Shannon are expecting a daughter in April, so our world will change massively, but who knows, maybe we have a future musician on the way (laughs)!
I’m so excited to be a first-time dad, it’s going to be the making of me!

Thanks for an awesome interview, Chris!



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