Artist Interview: Agyzerax

Artist Interview: Agyzerax


Tell us about yourself and your music

Hi! I’m Paweł Kosmala and I’m a musician based in Warsaw, Poland. I’ve been making music as Agyzerax since 2016, and I was one of the founders and the lead guitarist for the now defunct pagan thrash metal band Strzyga.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My recent single, “Karo” (released October 23, 2018) is the first song I wrote and recorded in my mother tongue, Polish. It’s a rock track, which used to be rather uncommon in my past recordings.

What inspired you to write this release?

It’s about how life, love, and pain are often similar to a card game, where you get to make choices, yet a lot is up to whichever card you get to draw – up to inescapable fate. The realization that some things are inevitable, and others irreversible, became the inspiration for the song – sometimes you just have to stop blaming yourself and go with the flow.

Describe the writing and recording process

I was playing the guitar one afternoon, just messing around when I played the basic open chord (C# minor) which became the main theme and a foundation for the song. The other guitar parts started to come to me almost by themselves, followed by the melody. I wrote the lyrics while traveling when I had a lot of time to relax and think. I recorded all of the songs solely in my bedroom; also failed to make a backup once, which resulted in having to recorded quite a bit of the guitar all over again after a system crash!

Any plans to release a video?

I’ve published one music video (for “T.F.W.K.W .) and one lyric video (for “Ash To Ash”) so far; I’m also hoping to release a new, more professional music video sometime in the future. As far as “Karo” is concerned, I’m not planning to make a video for it anytime soon.

Any plans to hit the road?

There had been plans for a gig along with some guest performances by my friends in my hometown, Przeworsk, but the concert was canceled. I’m not sure when the time will come, but I sure would to gig again; perhaps in Warsaw.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I don’t force a lot of branding at all; I used to worry about the listener count, but that was really distracting from what actually matters – the music. I try to stay true to any ideas that come to my head and I try to keep on exploring different sounds, techniques and inspirations.

Who have you been listening to lately?

A lot of noise and noise rock-rock- The Lightning Vanguard, Merzbow, Vyzxyfyzv, Swans and Daughters’ “You Won’t Get What You Want”. Also, the new albums by Sleep and Belzebong are pretty damn excellent. I also started listening to grunge classics, such as Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden again.

Who are your biggest influences?

The no. 1 influence and my greatest inspiration to start making solo music were Jake Chudnow. He’s truly a master of creating hazy, nostalgic music. Muse have also greatly influenced my style; especially in the more rocking, guitar-driven songs. Along with Jack White, they’ve really shaped the way I think about guitar playing Another band which I have to mention is Pink Floyd – “The Dark Side of the Moon” is a brilliant masterpiece.
Also, Boards of Canada and – more recently – My Bloody Valentine are great inspirations.

Tell us about your passions

I enjoy breathing from time to time, as well as eating and drinking water.
Seriously, though – I’m big on numismatics and philately. I’m also learning to paint in watercolor.

What else is happening next in your world?

I’m currently a first-year student of sound production and I’m hoping to get my bachelor’s in two years from now. After that – who knows? Perhaps I’ll become the world’s first trillionaire.



Thanks for an awesome interview, Paweł



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