Amira Lombard – Send Me a Sign

Amira Lombard - Send Me a Sign


Tell us about yourself and your music

For a long time, I struggled to find a method of self-expression, and for most of it, I didn’t even realize that I was compressing a lot of my emotions and holding them in. I was raised by a family that was extremely musically talented so I tended to stay in the shadows, listening, learning from their abilities, going back to my room and writing my own music. Today, I write music that progresses as a story of my own life. I capture moments in my life and expanded upon them in a relatable form. From emotional challenges, relationships, and self-discovery, my music will get you to join in the emotional roller coaster of life.

Talk to us more about your latest release

There are circumstances where no matter how much you analyze, debate, and mitigate the risks, your mind and soul split upon the correct decision and thus we look to other powers to aid in making a choice. “Send Me a Sign” is the anthem that spells out the desperation we have in these moments. The combinations of heavy beats, and deep belt emote the lyrics to drag the listener into the story.

What inspired you to write this release?

I was forced to grow up very fast, and my spirituality has played a vital role in having the will to continue pushing on towards the next day, the next ‘thing’. I was desperately missing in my life the support, and any time I opened up about needing help, I felt alone. Today, mental health awareness has greatly expanded but stigma is still heavily active. I want to be part of the movement, a voice for those who feel alone. I wrote this song for them; helpless and need something to speak to them in looking for some sign that they’re making the right choices.

Describe the writing and recording process

I must’ve written and written this track 20 times before I knew I had the right hook. I wrote the original song in my head at my office job. I quickly wrote the words down. Over the following days I went over and over what words fit the message I was trying to communicate. After the hook was completed, what I call a “shower session”, I sit in the shower with my notebook, and wrote the story.  Showers have always been my safe haven where I knew growing up I would not be disturbed. So it’s become a habit now to write all my songs in the shower. The story was written and I left the bathroom to my keyboard. There, I found what key I was singing the song in, and concluded the root chords. After performing Send Me a Sign at a lot of local venues, I went to my local studio by my office, Sound Of Music. There, I booked studio sessions where John Morand and I outlined the song, and began the creative process of adding guitar, drums, bass, and other small effects. Knowing this would be my first official release, we wanted to make my vocals as authentic as possible and thus I recorded all the harmonies on a separate track, not digitally. No auto-tuning/melodyning was used either which is an industry standard for pop music.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

A Debut EP will be released in March and plans to tour after that.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Many indie artists can either tell the story, or write a hook but struggle to incorporate both. The way I incorporate my storytelling in revitalizing hooks and do not hold back from my truth speaks to listeners in a way they don’t feel they can express themselves.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Halsey, Sia

Who are your biggest influences?

Sia, Demi Lovato, Adele

Tell us about your passions

I want to spread happiness. I think everyone deserves to be happy. I am passionate about helping others realize what is causing them emotional pain/struggle. What makes me happy won’t necessarily make others happy, and that’s okay as well. I am passionate about creating an environment where people can be their best self.

What else is happening next in your world?

I’m going to be releasing my Debut EP, “Broken Angel”. Tours will be booked shortly. I’m also attending the DIY Musician Conference.



Thanks for an awesome interview, Amira



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