Snapchat Marketing

What’s covered:

  • Snapchat as a Marketing Tool
  • What Exactly is Snapchat?
  • Getting Your Band on Snapchat
  • Using Snapchat – The Basics
  • Using Snapchat – Features Artists Use the Most
  • Using Snapchat – Advanced Features
  • Introduction to Marketing on Snapchat
  • Getting Your Initial Following
  • Building Fans Through Stories
  • Snapchat's Partner Program: Discover
  • Viewing Statistics
  • Using Snapchat at Live Events to Get Followers
  • Using Snapchat to Deliver Personal Content
  • Give Followers an Inside Look
  • Running Contests & Promotions on Snapchat
  • Aligning Yourself with Niche Influencers on Snapchat
  • Measuring Your Success with Snapchat
  • Learning From Other Artists on Snapchat
  • Integrating Snapchat with Your Site & Social Media

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