Ziqo Continues to Reinvent Himself with Upcoming Release, ‘The Legend’

Ziqo Continues to Reinvent Himself with Upcoming Release, ‘The Legend’

Mozambique’s Greatest Gears Up for 10th Album


Mozambique – August 28, 2016 – Artists like Ziqo come along once in a lifetime as he’s been celebrated in his native Mozambique for the last two decades. In that time he’s released more than a handful of albums, has discovered other prominent artists, performed for his nation’s presidents and much more. Now he’s preparing for the release of his 10th studio album, The Legend, which will be a double CD that drops September 10, 2016.

Ziqo is a versatile musician, singer, songwriter and producer who founded a genre of his own called Pandza Music, which is the most popular in Mozambique after Marabenta. Pandza is a mixture of various indigenous African sounds. With that and his writing and composition skills, he became one of the most well revered artists in his country. Ziqo believes in giving his followers a fresh and relevant sound is a sign of respect to the people who has supported him from day one and he’ll continue on with that belief until he hits that final note – which isn’t any time soon.

With 20 years in the business, Ziqo has been noted and celebrated in a number of ways. He’s been featured in numerous radio programs, magazines, TV spots and more across the board. He’s also a Channel O Music Awards nominee, and is currently nominated for Best Producer at the 2nd Annual AEA USA Awards for African Entertainers. A win there would go nicely with the release of The Legend in early September.

The Legend is Ziqo’s 10th studio album on which he collaborated with a number of artists including South Africa’s Peny Peny, Dj Maphorisa and DJ Buckz, as well as Yuri da Cunha and The Groove of Angola. That is just a handful of the artists he hooked up with on this album on some songs that are already topping the charts as current singles in Mozambique.

Those interested in hearing more from Ziqo, can check him out online. The Legend will be available September 10, 2016.


Ziqo is a Mozambique artist who has been impressing fans in his native land for two decades now thanks to his musical creations as well as his way with reinvention. Come September fans both new and old will be able to hear that on his new album, The Legend, out September 10, 2016.


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