Zanov is Back with ‘Open Worlds’

Zanov is Back with ‘Open Worlds’

One of the Pioneers of Electronic Music in France is Making Music Once More


L’Isle d’Abeau, France – June 14, 2016 – Some may think electronic music sort of just became a thing in the 90’s thanks to the likes of rave culture becoming more mainstream, and more recently with the explosion of household names like Skrillex and Diplo. Alas though, electronic music has been around for decades now. That’s all thanks in part to one of the pioneers of the genre, Zanov. He was one of the first to put it out there in France back in the late 70’s and for a number of years he played to large crowds and dropped a few albums. That was until he decided it was time for a break in the early 80’s. It wasn’t until 2014 that he made his comeback and with that released new music. Today he’s dropped his fifth album, Open Worlds, and is ready for fans of electronic music to take hold of it.

Zanov has not been on a stage since the late 70’s and doesn’t plan on returning to that world anytime soon, but is still as engaged as ever with the music scene. One of the forefathers of it, he knows electronic on a level that some new school artists could never even imagine. Listening to his music is otherworldly and with it comes not only a sense of history, but perseverance and a display of control. His sound is perfect for everywhere from the club to movie scene. That’s right, his music is perfect for adding an ambiance to any scene music directors need to fill with a mood creating sound.

A few albums back in the day, one when he came back and another out today. Zanov’s fifth release, Open Worlds, is ready for consumption by fans of electronic and music directors alike. Those interested in hearing more can check out Zanov and his music out online.


Zanov is one of the pioneers of electronic music in France who took a bit of a break with his career, but recently made a comeback and has just dropped his fifth studio album, Open Worlds.

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