Yulianna “Californ-i-a” ft The Game


Contact: Yulianna
Phone: 661 607-2210
Email: zvonentertainment@yahoo.com

LOS ANGELES, CA – Yulianna released her spectacular pop-infused dance album “Californ-i-a” ft the king of the West Coast The Game on February 13, 2013. A true vocal powerhouse, she studied at the California Institute of the Arts, receiving both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degree for her insurmountable talents in both classical and contemporary music. There’s no doubt that her career has been littered with highlights, including collaborations with iconic Grammy-winning musicians and staple hit-makers such as Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera), Peter Rafelson (Jackson Browne, Elton John). Her collaboration with Walter Afanasieff and lyricist Lindy Robbins (Faith Hill, Selena Gomez) on the acclaimed track “Forgiveness saw international success; including a bid for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, national radio play and several Honorable mentions at major Los Angeles film festivals for the explosive and heartbreaking video. All this success has led to the release of her first venture into the pop genre with her dance/pop album “Californ-i-a, a collaboration between herself, RAS(The Wanted, Jordin Sparks, Big Time Rush) and Spencer Nezey (Electropop, Jupiter Rising) and includes amazing players like Grammy Nominated guitarist John Brown.


Genre Indie Pop/Dance/Club

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