Young Lingo Preps for the Release of Debut Mixtape

Young Lingo Preps for the Release of Debut Mixtape


Chattanooga Tennessee United States — May 5, 2016 — God gave Young Lingo a gift and he’s putting it to use to push his movement for  labels that are on the look out. Motivated to be successful and give the people life with his music, Young Lingo is working hard every day on his craft. This young emcee is giving fans good energy and hope with his rhymes. Young lingo has 1,000 fans and followers that have faith in his music. So much so, they are sitting in anticipation waiting for his first mixtape, Cartel Business, to drop.

Young Lingo believes in staying focused and never taking anything for granted. A lesson he’s learned in the years he’s been on this earth. Knowing that nothing in life is promised, he continues to work on his goals – which happen to be getting picked up by a label, as well as picking up and hitting the road. Fans of hip hop should keep their ear to the ground to stay on top of when and where he’ll be throughout 2016.

Rapping for two years now, and only 24-years-old – he had a lot of room to grow and place to go with his career. Those who are interested in learning more about Young Lino can check him out online.


Young Lingo is a hip hop artist who rocks the beats and turns it up with his rhymes as he prepares to drop his debut mixtape this year, Cartel Business.

Young Lingo
Tavoraus Thompson
721 E.49th st.


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