Introducing Composer Extraordinaire: Yishai Knoll

Introducing Composer Extraordinaire: Yishai Knoll

Supreme Classical/Jazz Composer


Ramat Ishai, Israel – July 23, 2018 – Influenced by the romantics, impressionism and the tonal composers of the 20th century Yishai Knoll is a modern day composer with a throwback style that resonates with the classical and jazz fans of the world.

High-quality music is what one can expect from Yishai Knoll as he’s a master of his craft. Pristine and direct, his style is comparable to that of Mahler, Wagner, and Chopin and others, even Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky and others in the classical sense, and traditional when it comes to the world of Jazz. Dabbling between the two standards, Yishai Knoll has worked up almost a dozen tracks that can be heard via YouTube now. Soon enough they’ll be out on an album as a sort of sounding board for what he is capable of doing as a composer and true artist.

Far from a performer, Yishai Knoll is a composer through and through. Being in the studio is where he strives. He notes, “This is all about music.” With that, he hopes to compose for other artists, soundtracks and beyond.

Those interested in featuring his music on their Classical or Jazz playlists, speaking with him about composition gigs, or interviewing him can reach out via the information below.


Yishai Knoll is a Classical/Jazz composer with almost a dozen tracks out now, and more on the way.

Yishai Knoll

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