XUK Drops Sophomore Release ‘U’

XUK Drops Sophomore Release ‘U’

New Album Out Now


Burbank, California – December 8, 2017 – Twelve years after their 21-song debut release, alt/rock band XUK returns with a brand new album, simply named U.

U is the result of a year of writing and recording by Simon Holden, XUK’s Los Angeles-based British singer/songwriter. This new 10 song album is a departure from the band’s 70’s inspired, viola-drenched acoustic rock debut Love Hits …like a cricket bat-out-of-hell”.

Holden says, “Love Hits was mostly about love gone wrong. The songs on U come from a different perspective.”

The tongue-in-cheek, sometimes irreverent humor that was prevalent in XUK’s debut is more restrained in this new work. The strumming, soaring guitars, the synths and the pounding drums — with vocals often described as “Bowie-esque” — are more contemporary, experimental and some might say “dark”. U shares the musical DNA of bands like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Echo & the Bunnymen, Coldplay — all of them UK bands with a reputation for experimentation.

Whatever comparisons may be made, XUK’s British heritage is clear in Holden’s vocals and choice of subject matter. The new album’s memorable motifs create a textural landscape for Holden’s musings on modern life and today’s political climate, while still expressing hope and optimism for the human race — even in dark times.

“I think I dug deeper into my musical subconscious this time around because I was doing everything myself’, says Holden. “This allowed me to write the songs as I was recording, rather than just adding production to an already written song. As the songs emerged I realized I wanted to talk about the things that bind us together as human beings, rather than just vent about the fact that relationships often suck. Although there is some of that in there too, I hope people will get something more out of U than just another alt/rock album.”

Anyone interested in adding U to their playlists, reviewing the album or interviewing Simon Holden can contact him using the information below.


XUK returns from hiatus with a brand new album, simply named U.

Simon Holden

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/xukmusic

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