Wu Tang’s Zu Films INC Record Label Releases the Debut Single “Rhythm” for their New Artist, Saydah



Wu Tang’s ZU FILMS INC Record Label prepares to launch full studio album in 2015 for their new artist, Princess Saydah!
“Welcome to New Pop”

Brooklyn, NY –  On the heels of hitting American billboard charts, and two very successful music videos, both nationally and internationally for the single Bound2Break, Wu Tang’s Zu Films INC and Princess Saydah prepare to do it again with the second studio album, “Welcome to New Pop”! As usual, Zu is stepping out of the box on this one, and pioneering the new musical genre of New Pop. New Pop is the blending of a mixture of styles commonly found in pop (rock,soul,blues,electro,hip-hop,pop), and fused together to include the old and new. When done right, it’s electric, and a blend of both worlds.

It’s time to release another new favorite! The single, Bound2Break, has been sweeping the international waters for a very fruitful timeframe. It has been picked up by Mainland China, and the NBC tv show taking the music industry by storm, Bongo Boy TV, produced by Monique Grimes. It was picked to grace the Bongo Boy 1st compilation album that was picked up and distributed throughout Asia in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan..etc! It has been featured on a compilation album in India, and was what got Saydah an offer to perform for VH1 in India at the beginning of 2015. Though, American fans are just beginning to catch hold of the hype that is Wu Tang’s Zu Films INC, with their debut artist, Princess Saydah, the international market has been highly anticipating a follow up single to Bound2Break. Zu Films INC is proud to announce that this will be possible by the end of the month. Saydah will be launching the single “Rhythm” from her highly anticipated studio album.

Saydah has stayed plenty busy this year with her Wu family! She most recently finished a hyped out interview with Wu Tang Clan’s very own DJ Symphony (official DJ for Raekwan, Gza, Ghost) where she was welcomed into the Wu fold on air. Following that, she finished working on her project with DJ Symphony and GZA, a mixtape from radioinvasion that featured Bound2Break. She is still in the middle of her project with Ghostface Killah, and can’t wait to see that project drop soon also.

In the meantime, it was back to the studio for the princess. When asked about her whereabouts recently, the princess had this to say, “You may think that being a princess entitles me to do absolutely nothing all day and coast, right? Well, not around Zu Films INC. I’ve been putting in work! So, I’m really trying to keep up with all of the international releases in India, China, America, the Middle East, parts of Europe, and the greater parts of Asia. It’s definitely time to put my hard work to the airwaves and take a little break. So, i’m really excited to be releasing my new single “Rhythm” from the album, Welcome to New Pop.”

Of the album, Zu Films INC decided to stick to what works, and is taking a much needed hint from the acoustic album, and is continuing to blend genres and styles to keep Saydah’s unique voice and sound. Zu Films Inc will always strive to keep music fresh and push boundaries of all kinds musically. Stay tuned, and…..Welcome to New Pop!


Purchase and ldownload the debut single, “Rhythm”, off of the Welcome To New POP album on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rhythm-feat.-e-single/id981335403







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