With Their Powers Combined, They are The Planeteers

With Their Powers Combined, They are The Planeteers

Eclectic Rock with a Stocked History


New York City, New York – September 16, 2016 – A musical wiz and a studio great walk into a bar…that could either be the start of a tale  or the foundation of The Planeteers formation. Noting it’s the latter, this rock duo is comprised of two men who are outstanding on their own time, but having chosen to work together, they’ve doubled their stock value as Tommy Gee has melodies and notes on the brain, while his partner in crime George Peterson is a master of the controls.

Starting drum lessons at the age of seven, Tommy Gee showed interest early on. While he was taught percussions, he went on to learn the guitar, bass, and mandolin all on his own. He even dabbles with the violin as well. All of that led him to being part of Man-ster back in the heyday of CBGB. Then signed to Atlantic Records, Man-ster earned quite the following, one that included the late, great Gilda Radner. Tommy Gee isn’t the only wheel that keeps The Planeteers rocking and rolling, Peterson is right there too as the music degree holding maestro who s currently working on some tunes for Tony Orlando’s comeback.

With both a history and a present stock full of achievements, The Planeteers have etched out their own niche in the cyber world. Drawing attention from those craving music not afraid to dabble with provocative lyrics, and that has an eclectic sound that lands them somewhere between Lou Reed and Frank Zappa. They are eccentric storytellers in this day and age. All of this and more can be found on their latest release, Soaring Post Cards.

Those interested in learning more about The Planeteers or reaching out about collaborations, bookings, etc. can get in contact with them via the information below.


he Planeteers is an eclectic rock band from the east coast comprised of Tommy Gee, the man with the musical chops and the master of the soundboard, George Peterson.

The Planeteers
Tommy Gee

Official Site: http://www.tommygeemusic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tommygee14
Soundcoud: http://www.soundcloud.com/user452880325
CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cdtheplaneteers

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