WestBank Boyz Bio


Contact: John Richardson
Phone: 678-542-7899
Email: bjmmanagement@yahoo.com

GRAYSON, GA – Representing the westbank of New Orleans, the newest undeniably talented dynamic duo of hip-hop, is WestBank Boyz. In 2005, with strength and courage, at the ages of 12 and 13, Mashon Richardson and Jamal McDonald, better known as “MR and “Yung Mal lived through what most people only watched on TV. These boys never forgot the neighborhood streets of Westwego, Harvey, Algiers, and Marrero as they struggled to put their lives back together after Hurricane Katrina. After the storm, “M.R. and “Yung Mal, along with their families attempted to create new starts in Georgia. This was no easy feat since the families were separated due to the storm, but the guys were persistent.
“M.R. and “Yung Mal were determined to keep as much of their former lives as possible. That’s why they knew their name would be WestBank Boyz. They never wanted to forget the struggles and challenges they faced as young teens in the streets of the westbank of N.O. “M.R.” found that writing about how he missed his city and adapting to his new surroundings helped him cope with all the changes. He quickly called “Yung Mal” and suggested they get back to doing what they did best, attacking the mic and spittin’ about the streets they grew up in! However, the two cousins quickly realized it was much harder to get back in the game than they expected. . . . No one was listening to their style of music. That’s when “M.R.” called his uncle John, aka “DJ Beezie”.
Beezie, a sensational area dj, let the duo tag along and perform as part of his act. However, the attempt break into the game using DJ Beezie came to a screeching halt in 2008 when Beezie decided to retire. Again the boys found themselves just writing and looking for the right beats. In November of 2009, tragedy struck again when Alfreda Richardson, “M.R.‘s grandmother and DJ Beezie’s mother passed away. “Yung Mal” couldn’t see how the WestBank Boyz could ever rebound from such a lost because Cookie, as she was affectionately known, was the one person who always pushed the boys and supported their desires to make it in the music industry.
It’s been said that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and the WestBank Boyz came back stronger than ever. Even though they were trying to keep the creative juices flowing, they were missing one thing, the right connections. DJ Beezie to the rescue. Although he had retired, Beezie still knew music and had many contacts.
Fast forward six year. The “WestBank Boyz” are still humble and respectful yet better, wiser, and hungry for success. The 18 and 19 year old dirty south hip-hop artists look across the red clay of Georgia all the way to the bayous of Louisiana. “M.R. and “Yung Mal come to you from Georgia with a brand new sound and a much harder appearance and it all spells success! With nothing to lose and everything to gain, the WestBank Boyz are the real deal. Red hot music is back and not a moment to soon….
After losing 2 grandparents Alfreda Richardson and Erma McDonald the boys turned to BJM for direction. BJM keeps the boys booked in clubs like Apache Cafe, BEC, Masquerades just to name a few in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Between doing shows and releasing mixtapes the boys have been focused on school and their jobs while maintaining their love of music. The only thing this dynamic duo cares about is giving back to the ones who have paved the way for them to be doing what they love the most. With that being said the boys know that God has the key to their health as well as their success. So when you see the boys in a local church or walking in the streets of Atlanta just know they won’t stop ‘til they reach FAME.