We the Crew Who is You Like no I.D.


Contact: Elijah Graham
Phone: 9165018533
Email: lijjjfetti@gmail.com

ELK GROVE, CA – A slogan I live by, “We the Crew who is you?” is hopefully one I’ll be able to say to millions of fans and people who enjoy listening to good music produced by yours truly, Lijjj Fetti. Coming for the number one spot, I put 120% effort plus 40% more in any and every track I lay down. Crew Music is a group I associate myself with, because we all have the same things in common, making good music, looking fly, and sounding even flyer. We want the crowd to feel like they are on our level when they listen to us, and whatever song they listen to we want to be able to put them in the mood we were in when we made it. We want to really get through the the people who enjoy our production, so be ready cause we coming for ya throats, now thats a real CREWneck sweater.