We are Ruptured!

We are Ruptured!


Waterloo, IA — October 6, 2017 — We are Ruptured! A metal/ hard rock band from Waterloo, IA. We have just released our debut self-titled EP on iTunes, Spotify, and many more musical platforms. Please take the time to visit our websites for daily content and of course new and upcoming songs!

Ruptured is working very hard on a upcoming album, and also to give our audience daily content including music, videos, and more! You can find our entire EP free to play on many different mediums but the easiest way is to visit our website at: https://rupturedband.bandcamp.com

Ruptured has been compared to Deftones, Korn, and Slipknot. We are honored to share the comparison with many great bands but, ultimately write music for our fans to listen, love, and relate too. Our music expresses anger and frustration but, our lyrics express hope and a passion to stay strong.

Ruptured never sleeps and is always working on new material for our current fans, and the ones we haven’t been able to reach yet. We would love to work hand in hand with anyone willing to listen.

Once again, enjoy free previews on us!



Ruptured was founded by lead guitar player and composer Michael Minard. With the addition of bass player Rob Jensen, and vocalist Trevor Troupe, we immediately started recording an album. Ruptured was finally complete when our drummer Isaac McBean completed the line up. The band is now blasting forward and will be playing venues around the country.

Michael Minard
150 Prospect Blvd. Waterloo, IA 50701
(319) 961-2630


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