Voodoo Brother Debut Release


Contact: Curt Briscar
Phone: 216-282-7625
Email: voodoobrotherbass@gmail.com

CLEVELAND, OHIO – The forefathers of Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, and Heavy Metal formed their genres for one reason and one reason only – to pave a way for a band like Voodoo Brother to come along. From the tough streets of Cleveland, New York, and Parts Unknown, Voodoo Brother showcases the tattered and torn edges of a town gone sour to bring forth five tales of woe and ???? on their latest EP.

“These are not meandering vocals that sound as if they were recorded at three in the morning by a singer who would rather be doing anything but play music. They are powerful and well executed, and elevate the music several steps above the usual competition.”
– Chris C, Bloody Good Horror (Jul 25, 2012)

“Ultimately this EP does it’s job in making me want to hear more. Voodoo Brother have created a solid collection of songs that are appealing to any fan of bands like Down, COC, Queens of The Stone Age, Wilson, etc. That’s a good sound to have!”
– Chris Akin – Editor, PiTRiFF Online (Jun 02, 2012)

Voodoo Brother – two points of light at the end of a dark tunnel. One of the points is you. The other is the sinister (left hand) side; your Voodoo Brother. Representative of an eternal struggle/theme of humanity – good vs. evil. Or, the two living in harmony within each of us…held together by our own blood..