VINYM – pronounced venom – not vine ’em – don’t get it twisted – but twist them two fingers…

VINYM – pronounced venom – not vine ’em – don’t get it twisted – but twist them two fingers…



Phone: 714-743-6594


City, State: Hollywood, CA

If you’re from the West Coast like I am, then you could finish the headline for me. Or if you’re a WestSide Connection fan, you could finish it too. To put me in a box, or, in other words, to get a sense of my musical style, is something like putting DJ Quik, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre in the studio together. The possibilities are limitless. And just like those producers, I love creating music. I can’t see myself not making music. And I can’t see myself not grinding. So I can’t see myself not making it… Or maybe I’m just stubborn… Either way, I’ll be creating…   I’m a new artist to most of y’all, but I’m a seasoned artist at heart to me.

Seasoned because of the Stevie Wonder songs I’ve been singing since before I can remember. And because of the self taught piano skills since high school. Seasoned because of the Korg Triton I bought in college. Fight On, baby! Seasoned because of the studio sessions I paid for with my “real” first job money. Seasoned because of the equipment I invested in because I always knew I could do a lot on my own.   I’ve independently released my self-titled album, VINYM, on iTunes in March 2014. 10 tracks. 10 cold ones, I might add… And I could drop another 10 tomorrow. And you know I got some in the vault, for sure. I’ve worked on my craft for some time and now is the time for people to hear how I put things together. Just listen.

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