VBlock Dutch Starts the Buzz with “Long Tongue”


New Single Slated for November Premiere


Woodbridge, Virginia – September 15, 2016 – Artists who don’t have a story about coming up with a little hardship are less impressive because they didn’t have to ride the ‘struggle bus’ to get to where they are, not even once. That’s not the case for VBlock Dutch of VBlock Entertainment. Living check to check like most Americans do, this emcee never gave up on his dreams even when the results were tame at best. Now Dutch is looking to break that cycle and make a name for himself with what he promises will be his first hit single, “Long Tongue.”

With a dancehall infused Hip Hop style, VBlock Dutch offers up a great rap record that’ll have fans all across the world wanting more which, like all committed performers is ultimately what they hope to achieve. Dutch has had several releases in the past with light success but he notes, this upcoming single is the one that’s going to turn the next chapter in his music career. His focus is strong on “Long Tongue” as he knows his passion and artistry comes through with every note and beat displayed for all to hear.

Having only played a few local clubs, VBlock Dutch is looking to expand his live performance portfolio by breaking out of the local clubs and into new markets. He’s had some help with that currently being played on several radio stations including on Coast2Coast FM and DMVLife Radio, and he hopes to expand to Terrestrial radio stations and more. With that, he looks forward to hitting new places and meeting new faces.

“Long Tongue” the single is set to drop November 14 2016 and is produced by 40Kal and PSBeats.com. For more information on VBlock Dutch, you can check him out online or get in touch via the information provided below.


VBlock Dutch is a Jamaican hip hop/dancehall artist who has been working towards his goal for some time, but this time around with his upcoming single “Long Tongue,” Vblock Dutch is confident he now has the repertoire to soar to higher heights.

VBlock Dutch
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