Upcoming Bridgeport Rap Artist $hadx Stevens On The Rise


Bridgeport CT, USA — August 2, 2017 — From the notorious streets of Bridgeport CT a new interesting artist by the name of $hadx Stevens (also known as Shad Stephenson) is emerging from the underground with various styles never before seen coming from one individual

“I rememeber remixing Lil Bowwow lyrics on a karaoke machine I got for Christmas when I was like 7 or something”. Though X has had a passion for music since his early years he’s only started taking music seriously and as a long term career as of Summer 2017. He has released a small collective of throw-away tracks over the summer leading up to his debut mixtape titled “The Last Beginning Experience”

“I mean like we really didn’t have an engineer for the studio and I knew nothing about logic but I knew I could figure it out.” $hadx Stevens claims all the songs posted on his SoundCloud account to date, have all been recorded and engineered by himself. “I’m just trying to find somebody that can see my vision and help me take this music thing to new heights”, claims the young artist. He says he’s been looking for assistance for a long time and doesn’t want to record for the “TLB” project until he finds professional help and long term assistance to help him build a more professional sound.

$hadx Stevens is a humble but yet hungry artist, with all intentions of showcasing his talents across the map with extreme confidence and finesse. Definitely a personality that attracts the attention of most in a positive light. An extremely motivated artist looking to get his foot in the door and show his full potential. $hadx Stevens is most definitely worth a listen

Here’s a link to $hadx Stevens SoundCloud profile. Listen, Like, and Share!!! https://m.soundcloud.com/shadxstevens


$hadx Stevens
Shad Stevens
Press Kit: https://m.soundcloud.com/shadxstevens

SoundCloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/shadxstevens
Instagram: shadxstevens
Twitter: shadxstevens
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/shad.l.stephenson

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