Twisted Oliver Delivers ‘The Test of Time’

Twisted Oliver Delivers ‘The Test of Time’

Rock with a Twist


Los Angeles, California – November 15, 2016 – There are some bands that fail to get things going right away, Twisted Oliver is far from one of those bands. Having formed not too long ago in August of this year, they’ve already played a trio of shows in and around the Los Angeles area, and released a new record. The Test of Time is a rock record but far from the traditional rock listeners are used to. Not only due to the music produced but the lyrics of visionary of the band Matt Hirte, who also wears multiple hats as the writer, guitarist and singer for Twisted Oliver.

Hirte is not alone in this fresh journey of sound. He’s connected with the classically trained saxophonist turned bass man Richard Melville, Greek guitarist Panos Gkion and the son of a great Chicago blues trumpet player – their drummer Lamar Little. Together they’ve brought all their technical skills together to form a rock band that stands apart from the rest. This is especially true when it comes to their release, The Test of Time.

With two shows on the books in the LA area in December, Twisted Oliver will continue to add to their calendar as they feel playing life is the best way to connect to their fans, both new and old. Those interested in hearing the music and checking out Twisted Oliver can find them online, and those interested in booking them for a show either in the LA area or outside of California – can get in touch via the information below.


Twisted Oliver is the vision of writer/guitarist/singer Matt Hirte. Not alone in this, he’s banded with three talented men to round out the sound and deliver their debut, The Test of Time.

Twisted Oliver
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