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Captain Cook, Hawaii – July 18, 2017 – Rocking Nirvana tees while blasting the likes of NOFX and The Pixies, Trey Wonder found up initial footing in music in an array of punk bands from Salt Lake City and San Francisco. Today he’s flying solo on the big island of Hawaii, but still delivering what he calls “bipolar” rock on his latest release, Nice Fish.

While Nice Fish sounds like a trio ala Green Day, it is not. It’s all Trey Wonder himself taking on the responsibilities of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals. A combination of his musicianship, as well as lyrics that span the emotional palette from ecstatic to melancholy, Trey Wonder delivers punk rock that sways towards the alternative path due to its melodic tendencies heard throughout the 17 tracks. Available now on multiple online platforms including iTunes and Amazon, Nice Fish is an album that no rock fan will want to pass by.

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Trey Wonder is a former punk band aficionado who decided to fly solo to the big island of Hawaii. Now he’s rocking with his latest release, Nice Fish.

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