This Is The Life He Was Given So He Made Something Happen



Cincinnati, OH — September 18, 2015 — Richie came from a small family raised with two girls both out of control an him being the only boy growing up in a rough neighborhood downtown Cincinnati ohio where he had to defend for himself an his sister’s

Life was never easy for Richie being the youngest he was in an out of trouble gang fights in school neighborhood fights running from the law burning buildings down

Music was always away for him to escape problems he had around him. He always say (if It aint easy play it hard) or (use every moment cause life has a time limit).

He loves communicating with his fans on or off social media he is a great person to work with an he knows how to get work done inspired by Emienem ,Jay Z,Wiz Khielfa, an many other great Artist’s

Through all the rough times he had in his life he found away to escape it through music he creats to help others like him that maybe struggling with issues the same way his favourite artistes helped with their music.

Listen to Richie (I Aint Perfect) free download
Along with many other of Richie’s Songs


Richie music sounds like a mixture of Future,Wiz,Young Dro,Rich homie

4829 prosperity pl


Music is what keeps me sane I mean its what I live for I mix alot of styles into one… ...Read More

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